hello to all and thanks for the advice...

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    Hi...this is such a terrific site I wanted to be able to tell you all how wonderful all your advice has been lately! We recently bought a 10 gallon tank for one of our sons and had it set up around the first of Jan. We bought 3 dalmation mollies (2 female and 1 male) as recommended by the store, and just acquired a clown pleco (apparently I had the light on too long and got a bit of an algae problem)...one of my mollies is pregnant and I have received so much great advice from all of you and I wanted to thank you. She has not delivered her fry as of yet...(which I learned just recently what "fry" even meant, from this site thank you)...I also learned I should have been changing my water about once/week (10 % water changes) and more great advice from some wonderful fish lovers...so ok...I'll admit it, here we bought the fish for our 3 year old to understand the importance of a pet, but here I am learning and beginning to love! I love these fish! They are like my babies! So...to you, my hat is off...you all are truly and expert at helping those who are new to this field! ;D
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    It's great to have you with us! Our folks here love to help you out and hear your success stories. If you haven't done so already, please post some pictures of your fishies! ;)
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    thanks gunnie...I'll be sure to name one of the mollies after you when she has them! You have been very kind! ;D