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    Hello, I'm a long time lurker and have been out of the hobby (freshwater) for about 45 years; yep you read that right. A lot has changed, such as - there is now a huge "concern" about water nitrates, nitrites and ammonia. In my day you just let the water sit for a few days and then float the fish to equal the temperature. Another big change are tanks. They were glass sides, slate bottoms, a putty type sealant and metal frames (that rusted in a few years or less. If you had the big bucks you went for the SS frames for about 50% more in price. I was into fish for about 10 years, then got married and moved about 1800 miles across country. I also got into breeding betas and gouramis; fantastic to watch: bubble nests, eggs, fry, juveniles.
    I've talked enough, here's my question- I' got access to both a 20 and 25 gallon tanks. both have the same footprint (12X24) One is 16 high; the other 20 high. What are your opinions on the pros and cons of each. Thanks for any answers. Now if anyone has any questions on. "older age", I'll try and answer them.
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    Personally I would go with the 25 gallon. Do you happen to know about the Nitrogen Cycle?
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    I'm another old-timer who just got back into it after about 25 years away. And it is amazing how much things have changed.

    I'd go for the 25 also. It'd give you more room for the different levels of fish in the tank. Besides, bigger is better :).
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    Welcome to fishlore.....and welcome back to the hobby!
    I consider these equal in pros and cons. Your nitrogen cycle in either is greatly affected by what you put into it: namely fish, conditioner, filtration and TIME. I have a 20 long that is divided with 3 bettas, and a regular 20 with neons. Their care requirements are different, and I assure you that there is more time spent on those aquariums than my 40, 55 and 90 combined.
    I would go crazy with carpeting the 25 with grasses and crypts, then stocking it with a dozen harlequins or rummy nose, or 20 neons. :)
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    Welcome to FishLore, glad you're back in the fish world :) :;toast

    As others have said, in fish land, bigger is better! When people start (for the first time) they often think "I'll just start with a widdle tank," but if you have a big tank, changes don't happen so drastically and immediately. For example, if a fish dies in a corner and you don't see it, the ammonia will skyrocket in a tiny tank, but you probably wouldn't get a reading at all in a big tank. Hope that makes sense :)

    A bigger tank means more room for the fishies to swim, and more water to dilute their waste. A win-win in my book! :)
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    Welcome to Fishlore, with both having the same footprint, i would go for the 20 high>
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