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Hello. I'm very new to the hobby and loving it. I currently have a 55 gal (work) with 2 red tail sharks, 2 Bala sharks, 1 iridescent shark, 5 mollies, and a common pleco. Second 55 gal (home) 4 blue dolphin cichlids, 2 spotted silver dollar, 3 jewels, 1 giant danio, and 7 tiger barbs. third tank (looking to get rid of) 1 juvenile flowerhorn that I'm looking to rehome as I have my eye on a 140 gal for a sweet deal! So far I'm loving everything about the hobby! I never realized how peaceful it is to just sit and watch fish. (maybe I shouldn't have a tank in my office at work)
Looking forward to getting to know ya'll, and thanks!


Greetings and welcome to Fishlore

Dawn Michele

Welcome to Fishlore!!!!


welcome to fishlore and the fin family


Any questions will be answered

Brian Knowles

Welcome to fishlore!!!

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