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    I thought that i might introduce myself. I'm 25 and newly married (July 2005). My husband and I moved in together after the wedding and he brought a 10 gallon fishtank with him. :) It had 2 angel fish in it. one was 5 and one was approx 7 years old. I had 15 goldfish in the ponds in the back yard and this is where the obsession with fish began in our house. we now have 4 tanks in our house and...yes, we want more...our family thinks that we're crazy but it's so nice and calming to come home and watch the fish swim after a long day at work. I wouldn't trade them for anything. anyways, I'll probably be posting a few questions about our fish...I've always had goldfish and I'm just getting into the tropical fish. I'd love to eventually get some saltwater fish, but I'm taking baby steps :D anyways, that's just a bit about me...thanks!
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    Welcome to Fishlore!
    I look forward to hearing from you - I have two tanks, and I want 2 more, so I know how you feel lol!
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    Welcom i have 2 tanks and i want as many as my parents will let me and what do you have in all your tanks
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    Welcome to FishLore! We have a great bunch of fish fanatics here, so jump right in! It's great to have you with us! ;)
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    Welcome to FishLore!!!
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    are the angelfish still in the 10 G ...? if so i reccomend putting them in a bigger tank. They lived so long though i am sure they are fine gl with ure fish hope to see some of them on the pic thread
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    actually our angelfish died. one about 2 months ago and the other one just a week or so ago. It was sad but we expected the second one to go after the first one did. we've converted that tank to a piranha tank. we have 2 tiny red bellies in that tank and they love it. as for our other tanks, we have a 15 gallon with 2 rainbow sharks, 2 bala Sharks, 1 beta and 4 cherry barbs. they seem happy in the tank for now, the plan is to get a bigger tank for them eventually. we also have a 48 gallon for 15 goldfish (it's just the winter home for them, they live in the ponds in the back yard during the summer months). and we just set up another tank and all we have in there are a couple mollies (a Dalmatian and an albino). so that's our story. we're always looking to upgrade the tanks but all the fish seem pretty happy where they are for now.
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    cool sounds good.