Hello! I’m A Beginner Breeder! Currently Dealing With Ich, Again


Hey everybody! This website has been so helpful to me lately so thank you everyone!
First off, I’ve had fish on and off but more recently fell back in love. I’ve decided to breed balloon mollies and other sorts but balloons are my favorite. BUT!! I’m dealing with ich again but only because the new fish I ordered online arrived looking ok until upon very close inspection I BARELY spotted 2 micro tiny tiny spots on her back fin but I was very 50/50 on whether it is or not but decided to start ich treatment with API liquid ich treatment just to be on the safe side because I’m not about to have my other fish get it and I think I’m catching it pretty early too. Here are some of my anxiety ridden concerns... is it really that safe to keep them in medicated water like that for anywhere from 1 full treatment cycle to maybe even 2 cycles?!? I’ve honestly only ever had to treat ich for 4 full days of one treatment and all the fish recovered, so when I hear people on here say “I treated it for 2 weeks straight” I can’t imagine if those high temps and constant medicine in the waters is ok for the fish to handle?!? Is it? Well hopefully in the next few days this one fish recovers well *fingers crossed* otherwise all my other fish are healthy and happy, it’s just my gorgeous Dalmatian balloon molly that arrived sick she’s so gorgeous!

Also, I have 6 fish in a 40 gallon bow front and it’s only the 1 fish that possibly 50/50 has ich and because this ich treatment is harmless to the fish wouldn’t it be ok to add a couple new healthy fish since the water is already being treated?!? There were healthy fish in there to begin with that is in the same medicine water and they are just fine, so what harm can it do to add 2 more healthy fish to the water if the medicine is harmless, you know what I’m saying?!!

Sorry for the novel, I just have so many fish questions and curiosities on my mind and want to learn more valuable info from you all thanks again!


Croeso welcome to fishlore and back to the hobby, I read a lot people are advised to do two treatments taking it to two weeks. What some advise is not to mix high temp with the med, 4 days seems a little short anyway but I suppose it's at what stage you catch the ich and kill it, what you can do after you are sure it's gone is put some carbon in your filter and with water change clear up any meds left in the tank, if it takes teo treatments then so be it best that than have it return two weeks later and start over


Hello! Yes I agree two treatments is better than 1 if that’s how it ends up and the icha not gone. I’ve actually just started slowly raising the temp and it’s at 81. I still blows my mind that people reside the temp to 82 or even 86 degrees! Never heard of 86 but I guess it’s a thing. I’ve mostly heard of raising the temp to 82, even the treatment box says rasie to 82 to fasten the process, so I guess I gotta just trust the directions.
Also I’m just as surprised I treats ich in 4 days which was 1 full cycle and my fish had it way worse back then versus this barely visble spot, but not taking chances. So for now the temp has gone up to 81 degrees and it’s only been the first day of treatment, we’ll see how it looks after then4 days. And I’ve decided to just put my 2 new make Molly’s in a separate smaller tank till the big tank is done medicating

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