Hello, I am new to this group


I am new here. I just purchased a new 55 gallon aquarium. I am in the research phase and feel like this forum can really help me out.


Welcome to Fishlore! :) you have come to the right place!


Welcome! Lots of information and great advice on here :rolleyes:


Croeso welcome to fishlore Smurry

86 ssinit

Welcome!! Yes lot of good advice! But beware those who join us end up with many tanks:eek::eek:. One is never enough :).


Welcome! We will certainly try to point you in the right direction!


I just join today.
From Toronto

been in the hobby for about 2 years now. I have MTS ( multiple tank syndrome )
I have a red cherry shrimp tank that doing extremely well and breeding none stop.

yellow shrimp tank that is breeding like crazy as well.

a few month old blue dream tank that is slowly coming a long.

a 38g pea puffer tank that I just added a month ago

a 28g neon tetra tank that been around for a year. Decided to try breeding them with RO water and peat moss. Did 3 pairs and got all three pairs to lay eggs. After 4 days in darkness I uncovered the breeding tubs and found a bunch of tiny tiny clear fries in each tub. I carefully removed them all out into a 5g fry tank with a small sponge filter and heater. I quickly bought infusoria off someone local (Kijiji). It’s been 4 days feeding them this infusoria.
My question is how long is this infusoria good for before I need new batch of infusoria to feed these tiny specs of fries?

starting my own culture but take 6 days before my own batch is ready. Should I go and try and buy another batch off someone local or the one I bought 4-5 days ago still good to feed them with?

Rose of Sharon

Welcome to Fishlore! :)

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