Hello, I Am New Here


I am new on here but use to keep a 40gal tropical tank when I was a kid, now I am getting back into it as a hobby. Being a Citizen Scientist there is a lot of aspects that I get lost in for hours and can apply to other things.

Right now I have a 20 gal tank with sponge filter with what I believe to be American Glass shrimp in it but plan on getting some more exotic types like some bright deeply colored Neocaridina and a few assassin snails for pond snail issues. Also have 3 10 gal tanks I am thinking of setting up for breeding pure colors of shrimp and snails(of coarse snails kept apart from Assassins)

I am also contemplating Crayfish in two 30 gal tanks I can set up as a 60 gal.

I am here both to ask questions and if there is anything I can share for help/entertainment I hope.


Welcome to Fishlore hope you enjoy the forum



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