Hello! I am glad to be a member here


Hi, I am Cozmo2020
I have been in the fish hobby for about 3yr and I love it! I have five tanks, 5g with my 2yr old female betta, Ginger. 10g with my newest female betta, Dove who is so small. Another 10g with some shrimp and my white clouds (at some point they will be updated to a bigger tank once the guppies grow bigger). 30g with 3 albino corys (soon to be 5) Luna my 2 1/2 yr old betta. 75g with 6 female and 1 male guppies, but they had some fry, so soon to be 20 females and about 15 fry still in the breeder box soon to be released and an albino BNP (named Lemon)
I am happy to be a member here and hope you all have no fishy problems any time soon!


Welcome to Fishlore! :)


Welcome! Should be able to find most of any help you need right here :)


Thanks, I am happy to see people here are so nice!


Thanks, I am happy to see people here are so nice!

I'm also newer to the forum and the people here are very nice, knowledgeable and helpful!


Welcome to fishlore


Welcome to fishlore!


Thank you! I am enjoying browsing FishLore, it is a really fun

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