Hello How Long Does It Take For A 40% Wc To Alter Tank Peramiters 29 Gallon Tank

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    Generally the effects are immediate because you are physically removing them from the water column. What are the parameters?
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    within a few seconds.
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    Give it a half hour with filters on to mix in the new water to get an accurate new test reading.
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    ammonia 5 ,nitrite 1ppm ,ph. 8.nitrates 0ppm not done the new parameters yet.

    thank you all for your input.
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    Did you test your tap or source water too? I have a feeling you're trying to figure something out.
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    If you change 40% of the water, and your source water has zero ammonia, nitrites and nitrates, than you should expect:
    ammonia 3
    nitrite .6
    ph. 8.
    nitrates 0ppm

    pH should not change unless the water hardness (GH/KH) is very different from your tank water or you add very acidic lub alkaline water totally different to your tank water. The change should be immediate.
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    hi RSababady,
    thank you for your reply very helpful examples going to test again/ wishing you and Warsaw a good day routemaster.



    thank you.
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    Ammonia. 3 - nitrite 1. PH 8. nitrates 0. just now.