Hello - Have 2 10g and one 29g

Discussion in 'Members Fish Tanks' started by irmogirl, Mar 18, 2010.

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    Just wanted to say hello. I have recently gotten back into fishies and such. I have 2 10 gallon tanks and 1 29 gallon tank. My 29 is not running right now because it got some foreign substance in it and demolished everything. :-( Going to work on it tonight some more. So frustrating..

    Have the fish from the 29 in a 10gal and another 10 gal with a cichlid, gourami (I think), glo fish and a tetra. Probably not the best balance, but I'm trying to learn all this! :)

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    You'll learn alot from this site thats for sure

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    Welcome to Fishlore!
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    Welcome and yes as said by Cheese Burger you will learn a lot here, iv only been here a couple days and have learned a lot
  5. Hello and welcome !!!
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    Hi! :sign0016: to Fishlore!
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    Welcome aboard.