Hello From Whitby, Ontario Canada

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    Just joined the site and wanted to say hello to everyone. Looking forward to interacting and asking some questions and maybe checking out good deals online to further my hobby. I'm fairly new,, less then a year with the following adventure so far,
    75 gallon tank with 2 Jack Dempseys ( 1 male, name jack, about 11 inch tip to tip) (1 female, name jill ) 5 inches and 2 albino pleco's.
    Filtration: xp3, eheim 2215, & Aquaclear 50
    Just picked up a used 135 gallon with stand, looking to get that one set up either for other cichlids or making it into a tank for CA cichlids such as (jacks, green terror, convicts, frontosa)
    Picked up a 110 drilled on both end with overflow to maybe start saltwater, once i learn more..
    Of course all of this is pending cash flow :)
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    Welcome fellow Ontarian :) Good luck with your tanks!
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  4. Welcome !!!
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    Welcome to Fishlore!
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    Welcome! Good luck with your tanks, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. We also appreciate pictures of your tanks if you get any...People here love pics! :)
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    Welcome, neighbour :D
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    thanks for the welcomes

    Hi everyone,, ,thanks for all your welcomes. Been involved with other forums and started looking more at this one and now i want to spend more time here because there is always more people online, and i'm thinking it will be a good place to get more well rounded information.....
    cheers everybody.
    Look forward to interacting with people...
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    Hello Ontario and welcome to Fishlore!

    From me way out west.....;D