Hello from the u.k ...please help

  1. Protology2010 Initiate Member

    Hi everyone I have a problem ...please help...I have a 3ft by 1 ft tank...in my my tank I have 1 large pleco about 5inch or so and a small pleco....alongside these fish I have 1 mollie he is very aggressive and tigerbarb also a fin nipper then I have 4 tetras ......also 4 guppies one ov them is female.....then I have 13 neon fish(I had 17 at one point which is my problem )who's the culprate offing my fish ...please help I love my little neons .thanks mr.p
  2. iRun Member Member

    It doesn't sound like you have anybody in there that would kill/eat them, are they disappearing or are you finding them dead? If you find little fish carcasses (or is it carci?) that tiger barb is definitely capable of bullying neons to death. I wouldn't put it past that big ol' pleco to gnaw on a neon after it went belly up, and that could explain it if you never see dead ones. One last possibility is that they are searching for greener pastures. I've had fish jump out of my open top, and others jump and get stuck between the rim and lid in my covered tank.
  3. jbdub Member Member

    Hello and welcome :)
    Well I reckon the first piece of advice you'll get is get a bigger tank or bring back some fish!! A lot of the time non aggressive fish can become aggressive in tights spaces.
    Honestly it will just keep getting worse so I'd just be proactive about it.
  4. Cichlidnut Fishlore VIP Member

    How many Tiger Barbs do you have? They need to be in a school of at least 5. Lone Tiger Barbs can be very aggressive.

    Do you know what your water paramaters are? Ammonia, Nitrite and nitrate.
  5. kinezumi89 Fishlore VIP Member


    I'm not sure how many gallons your tank is, since it depends on how high the tank is, in addition to the size of the base. But some plecos can get very large, and if one of yours is 5 inches already, he could get much larger, plus you have another one. As was stated previously, in cramped conditions fish can be much more aggressive than normal, plus the increased stress and often poorer water conditions lower their immune systems. I would also suggest you try to return or rehome some fish, especially the larger pleco. I know this from experience, I had too many fish in a 10 gallon and had aggression problems and lost two fish.
  6. Protology2010 Initiate Member

    I just have the one tigerbarb he only seems to bother the tetras as does the mollie......ichecked to see if there were carci I found none anywhere my nitrate level is normal my temp is 82 everything seems normal the only bully is the tigerbarb but Ive not seen anyone bother the neon thru the day .....( scratches is head) hmmmmm...my tetra seem to have there own corners away from the tigerbarb.....I'm still lost...........thanks for the comments so far ...mr.p
  7. jbdub Member Member

    If you're qurious about your stocking levels this website is pretty handy: http://aqadvisor.com/

    Just fill it out and you'll get some automated feedback
  8. kinezumi89 Fishlore VIP Member

    A. The correct plural for carcass is carcasses :)
    B. I would be very leery of AqAdvisor. I believe the "calculator" basically uses the "1 inch per gallon" rule in addition to known fish that shouldn't be paired together (aggression issues, etc) I believe there is a thread (a sticky, I think) discussing why it should not be one's some method of stocking, along with some feedback from the site's creator.
  9. Protology2010 Initiate Member

    My tank size is 31 inch across the front and depth ov tank is 18 inch and width is 14 inch I don't know how many gallons that is 33gallons I think according to my calculation I can have a fair few fish in that size tank ......hmmmmmm still scratching my head ...thanks mr.p
  10. kinezumi89 Fishlore VIP Member

    That is probably a 29 gallon tank (28.2 by my calculations, but perhaps slight errors in measurement).
  11. jbdub Member Member

    Yeah I wouldn't base my plans on it or anything but its a handy tool for reference
  12. iRun Member Member

    I was thinking that too Kinezumi89. Assuming you properly cycled your tank, and that ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate are in order (0/0/<20ish) I put the blame squarely on the tiger barb. Sounds like your tank is stocked like pretty much every other new fish keeper's tank. Some people would say 20 neons are too much for your tank, some would say throw 40 in there. I overstock but make up for it by doing frequent, significant water changes.
    All that said...take the barb back, consider a plan for that pleco and the million guppies you will soon have, and start researching the fish you have/want. Barbs are bullies, personally, I'd rule them out if the neons are important to you.
  13. Protology2010 Initiate Member

    Thanks for ur comments and advice I will monitor them for a few days and see if any more disappear .......thanks .mr.p