Hello from Scotland

  1. kateyoup Initiate Member

    Hello, nice to meet you all. This is a great site and I can't wait to start posting and reading other posts.

    Kate :)
  2. dahly Member Member

    Welcome to Fishlore! Glad to have you with us.
  3. Craig Well Known Member Member

    ur just across the water from me im in northern ireland lol nice 2 hav u in

    C W
  4. Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    Hi Kate! Welcome to FishLore! It's great to have you with! ;)
  5. Mike Fishlore Admin Moderator Member

    Hi Kate - welcome :)
  6. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    Welcome Kate!! We have a great bunch here so just jump right in!!
  7. atmmachine816 Fishlore VIP Member


    hey craig did u say you live in ireland
  8. Craig Well Known Member Member

    i live in northern ireland, aye lol :D

    C W
  9. Jon Well Known Member Member

    welcome i used to live in Aberdeen Scotland good to have you with us
  10. Osiris Initiate Member

    I love Scotland!   I am American but my mother's parent both came over here from Scotland (Perth).  I got the chance to spend 2 weeks in Elgin a few years ago and saw lots of castles, got to Inverness and Aberdeen and, of course, Loch Ness.   I didn't see the monster but if I had found a baby Loch Ness monster, I would have considered creating a 125 gallon species tank for it.   ;D  I love Scotland so much and I definitely plan to visit again some day.
  11. Osiris Initiate Member

    And Craig, I've never been to Ireland but I love Ireland too. I make sure I watch my 'Father Ted' DVDs every couple of months.
  12. Craig Well Known Member Member

    Father Ted rules 1 of the best comedies ever!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

    C W
  13. Jon Well Known Member Member

    lol whats father ted?
  14. Craig Well Known Member Member

    its a comedy sitcom about a bunch of priests livin on an island off the coast of the republic of ireland (Craggie Island) u hav Father Ted, Father Dougal Maguire, Father Jack and Mrs Doyle (housekeeper) its very funny its 1 of the best sitcoms ever seen in the UK behind only fools and horses and Fawlty Towers

    some links here if u want 2 see more about it, rather than me explainin it all lol


  15. atmmachine816 Fishlore VIP Member

    hey craig my aunt and uncle with there 7 kids live in ireland
  16. Osiris Initiate Member

    They sometimes show Father Ted on BBC America channel ( or at least they used to - I don't get that channel anymore )
  17. Jon Well Known Member Member

    ill check it out