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    Hey all! I'm somewhat new to fishkeeping, having unsuccessfully tried to take care of a tank once before. I have a 29 gallon that I have mollies and Pristella tetras in. I'm attempting to plant it right now but my lighting is woefully inadequate I'm afraid. For plants I have 3 java ferns attached to a driftwood by rubber bands (trying to get them to stick to it) and an amazon sword.

    Any advice appreciated always (it's what I'm here for) :;fb

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    Welcome Shock,

    You will find alot of good advice and information here.

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    I don't know plants, just wanted to say Hi and welcome!! :)
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    Hi and welcome to FishLore! That's an excellent way to get Java fern to grow onto rocks or wood.
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    I'm not a plant expert eather, at least not aquarium plants. Just wanted to say Hello & Welcome to Fishlore! This is a great place to learn. :)

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    :) Welcome to FishLore :)
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    Thanks for the welcome all :)
    It's okay knowing nothing about plants, I don't know much either
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    Welcome to Fishlore!