Hello from New Zealand

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    Hi there,
    I have just stumbled onto this sight, and figured its a great way to gain information of fish keeping. My husband and I started off with a 90L tank in June - within a few short weeks we had added a 300L tank which became our community tank. Bala sharks, Clown Loaches, Plectomus, Bristlenoses, Red Tail Shark, Rainbows, Danios, Tetras, Swordtails. The 90L became a Malawai Cichlid tank with 6 babies in it. They have grown so just yesterday they moved into a 200L tank, and more fish were bought to help fill it up. We get alot of enjoyment from the tanks and my husband is trying to sell the 90L quickly before I decide on another breed to put in it.

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    Tis a pleasure to have you with us.

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    Hehehehehehehehehehe. Welcome to FishLore. What you are experiencing is a condition called Multiple Tank Syndrome (MTS) which we encourage and refuse to help cure. I't great you have found us, and hope you will come here often! ;)
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    Welcome to FishLore!! Love the name. Do you read Terry Goodkind books by any chance? ;)

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             :D  WELCOME!   :D  WELCOME!   :D  I'M SO GLAD TO MEET YOU!   :D  WELCOME   :D  WELCOME!   :D

    It is so nice of you to join us.  You obviously have a lot of experience with the fish you have already got.  It will be nice to hear about your tanks and find out a little about you all as well. 

    Welcome and I really envy you living in the lovely land you are from.


    Rose   :D
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    great band from new zealand The D4 1 of my favourite bands great rock n roll music

    C W