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    Hello, my husband (Mike) and I (Dawn) just started a 15 gallon tank about a month ago. We have a 4 year old daughter who is loving it! It was a rough start at first! we lost some fish. But now i think we are ok. I THINK!! We have tetras, plattys and suckers as well as decorations. We are learning as we go. So any advice will be greatly taken!
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    Hi and welcome to fishlore. You might want to read about the nitrogen cycle and take the appropriate steps to have a cycled tank. It will help keep your fish healthy and happy so that you and your family can enjoy them for a long time.

    Also, having a good water test kit comes handy in keeping the water chemistry in check. The most recommended water test kit is a drop based one. Please stay away from test strips, they might be cheaper but very unreliable and could give you false readings.

    Any other questions you might have, don't be affraid to ask. That's why this community is here .;D

    And also, we are addicted to pics around here so if you have some pics with your tank feel free to share :)

    Edit: I just noticed you're using Nutrafin Cycle as conditioner. Unfortunately Cycle contains terrestrial bacteria that in time dies (hence the need to add it with every water change) and in the long run is just a costly way of keeping ammonia and nitrites under control. If you cycle your tank you will never need to add this product with your water changes, all you will have to do is use dechlorinator.
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    Great advice above...............
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    Welcome! :D
    I also agree that the advice above it good.

    But I would like to add, in regards to the platties, they do tend to breed quite often.(assuming you have at least 1 male, or 1 female as opposed to having all males or females) When they aren't breeding, they are thinking about breeding. You can let them breed and let the fry try to survive in the tank, most of the fish will try to eat them, even the mother and father. Or you could get a breeding trap to put the pregnant platty in before it gives birth. If you do this, you can keep them in the trap, move them to a second tank, or separate the tank they are in. Or you could even get a second tank and just put the pregnant fish in there. But remember to take the mother out immediately after she gives birth, or she will eat them.

    Did I mention they were livebearers? Which means as it's name suggests, they give birth to live, free swimming fry, rather than laying eggs.

    Also, if you plan on letting the fry survive in the tank, you may want a lot of plants for them to hide in. Thick plants like Java moss or Hornwort work well for protecting fry. Just be sure to crush the food to powder, pretty much, for the babies, or get them baby fish food. I suggest Hikari First Bites, if you would rather just get food for them.
    And one more thing, if you have a filter with a mesh cap on the intake, you may want to try and get a sponge filter. Or, be cheap and do like I did. Go to your local fish store and ask for a small sponge that is aquarium safe to put over your filter's intake. This will keep the baby fry from being sucked into the filter.

    You may want to do a little more research about this because it is important to know all that you can about keeping your fry alive.
    I have Red Wag Platties, I love them, and I breed them. But I still find myself going back to google or fishlore with questions. There is a lot to know and learn!
    Anyway, best of luck to you!
    Hope this helped! :D
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    Hello WolfHope and Welcome to Fish Lore.
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    You are lucky, to have That Fish Place on your doorstep. :) I live in Reading.
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    Welcome to Fishlore... I was in Lancaster this past weekend to see "Joseph" at Sight & Sound Theater.
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    thanks for all the warm welcomes everyone!!
    As far as the platties... there all males. At this time Im not at all ready to try to breed fish!! Thanks for all the helpful input. :;f:;fr:;fg
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    We would love to see pic's of your tank and fish :)
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    This site is a great one for finding answers to you questions.
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    Well, that's okay. If you ever do decide to, be sure to do the research. And pictures of your tank and fish are always appreciated here! :D
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    Welcome to FishLore!!! and our online family.

    I love Lancaster ...my brother lives there and my mom will probably be moving there too. He doesn't have tanks so he gets mom!!!...lol
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    ok here is a pic of our fish tank. its nothing special. like i said this is our first one so its pretty plain and simple. :)
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    No way, dude, it looks pretty good.
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