Hello From Hawaii

  1. Susie Initiate Member

    I've had tropical fish for over a year.

    Eclipse 6
    10 gallon
  2. Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    Hi Susie! I'm new here also. Glad to meet you! ;)
  3. Mike Fishlore Admin Moderator Member

    Welcome Susie. Hey Gunnie!
  4. Hippiechick Initiate Member

    Aloha! Or as we say here in Texas where I'm from: Howdy Yall!
    I just joined myself. I have 9 tanks ranging from my 2 gallon betta tank to my 55 gallon Central and South American cichlid tanks.
    I breed and raise Green Terrors currently and have tried with very limited success to breed and raise Angelfish.

    What kind of fish do you keep?
  5. Susie Initiate Member

    I have a betta (delta tail, blue, beautiful) in one tank and a dwarf gourami and glowlight tetras in the other. I'm planning to get some pygmy cories as soon as I find them, for the community tank.
  6. mcminnj Initiate Member

    hiya from stirling which by the way is in stirling in scotland

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  7. chris02_84 Member Member

    hey there, do you have a recipe for mai tai?
  8. Kelley Initiate Member

    Welcome Susie

    I will be there for the 4th of July looking forward to it. All 3 of my kids are looking forward to swim with the fish.
    What island are you from ?
  9. Gwenz Well Known Member Member

    Hi, Welcome :) Hope you enjoy it here!!

    Gwenz :)