Hello! From England...

Hmm, I don't think I have ever posted in a 'introduce yourself' forum before, but I just feel the need to do it this time round ;D

Let's see. My wife finally bugged me enough to go and get us a fish tank, so we trudged down to the LFS (see, I'm learning the lingo already!!), and had a good good look round. It's a family-run place, so I suspect the advice and service will be good. They used to advertise on the local radio, so I knew where to find them. All the fish they had (cold, tropical and marine) were in superb condition in nice large, very under-stocked tanks.

We went in with the intention of buying cold-water tank, but when the chap said that there are only 3 types of fish available for cold-water tanks, we sort of lost interest. When we asked what the 3 types were, the guy replied with a smirk, "goldfish, goldfish and goldfish."

We explained we were new to the whole idea of keeping fish, and he said that he had an excellent offer on at the moment on a 10 gallon tank, which included the tank, a 50w solid-state heater, a biomechanical in-water power filter, hood, lighting, startup chemicals (dechlorinators, cycle etc), a starter pot of fish food, some nice looking plastic plants, thermometer and a 'how-to' book, all for £65 GBP! ($115USD give or take). Given that a tank has not been unknown to cost that much (the evidence was all around us), we snapped it up. 10 gallon was the perfect size for where we had in mind to put it anyway!

We had a fun afternoon setting it all up, and now we're just waiting for the dreaded fishless cycle to get a move on and complete so we can buy some fish !

So there we are, HI everyone
Welcom will be interesting to see what you put in there and yes that is a good deal, (shhsh let's keep on the DL but are there anymore of those offers availble in the U.S.) ;D jk, what do you plan on putting in there/

Welcome to Fishlore! It is so nice to hear that you have obviously put in some research before starting in the life of being a "fish parent". It is so good of you to do a "fishless cycle" and save some poor fishie the agony of having to be the "guinea pig" to take care of the cycle process by himself. It does sound like you got a fabulous deal on the tank and accessories that you bought. Here's hoping you can find lovely, healthy, happy fish to go with it when the time comes. It does sound like the store owner has set his tanks up well and knows something about fish. If there is anything we can do for you, please feel free to ask and we shall do our best.

Again, welcome to the group. We look forward to getting to know you better.

Welcome!! We have people from all over here so come and be comfortable
Welcome to FishLore! It's great to have you with us! Now you can spend your time waiting deciding what to put in that beautiful tank!
Welcome! ;D
Hey England!
Welcome. I married a girl from Bristol, so I speak English and American, if you need a little help translating from 'Yank" to "Brit". ( Our kids are going to be multi-lingual.... I'm a New Yorker, My wife is British and we moved to Tennessee... I can see it now.. "Hey,Y'all, can I have a freakin' cuppa and a sarnie. Fugedaboutit.")

Welcome to the site. I've only been on it a bit myself, but I've spoken with some real top shelf people.

Welcome from another newbie.

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