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Discussion in 'Welcome to FishLore' started by TXMatt, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. TXMattNew MemberMember

    Hi everyone, I still consider myself new to the fish-keeping hobby despite the fact that I have had some gold fish in a small 5 gallon pink mermaid themed tank in my little girl's bedroom for the past couple years. I realized I wanted to get more seriously in to aquariums when the gold fish had survived all that time. So I got myself a 65 gallon and filled it with the following:

    5 Black Fin Tetras
    2 Dalmatian/Marble Mollies
    2 Black Mollies
    2 Mickey Mouse Platies
    2 Black Neon Tetras
    5 Ghost Shrimp
    1 Pictus Catfish
    1 Huge Bala Shark (5 1/2")
    1 Plecostamus
    1 Red Eye Tetra

    I have no idea where the Red Eye Tetra came from, but he just appeared one day as a fry. My best guess is he got netted as an eggling and dropped some other fish I bought from Petco or something, then hatched when I got him home. (I don't know if tetras are live-bearers, that is all I can think of)

    Anyhow, one of my black guppies came down with what looks like Ich. She hasn't showed any signs of discomfort, no flicking against structure or anything, just has little white spots on her, so I started treating the water the day before yesterday. I checked on her this morning before leaving for work and she looked like she hadn't made much improvement, so I am going to move her to a smaller tank tonight and treat her by herself for the next couple of days.

    I look forward to hearing from others and getting to know some new unique fish to add to my tank.


  2. guppygrlValued MemberMember

    Welcome!! Feel free to post some pics of your tank. Lots of great people on here with lots of great advice.

  3. LucyModeratorModerator Member

    Welcome to FishLore Matt!

  4. TXMattNew MemberMember


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  5. Mer-maxWell Known MemberMember

    That's a lotta fish! ; )

    From what I understand , medicines an what not can be hard on catfish and other scaleless fish .

    Also that the best thing for ick is to slowly increase the temperature
  6. TXMattNew MemberMember

    I have also heard that. I only did half a dose of the Ich Guard because of the scaleless fish. That's what the directions said. I don't have a heater yet. I wish I had moved the catfish, pleco and ghost shrimp to a different tank when I did the treatment, but I didn't think about it before hand. And trying to find those ghost shrimp is a feat in itself.
  7. TXMattNew MemberMember

    Posted a pic of the tank earlier in the thread. Don't mind the algae at the top, it has since even cleaned. And my house isn't quote level. Sits on black clay... But it is what it is, and I love it.
  8. MotherMajesty:)Valued MemberMember

    Can you give us a close up of the fish ornament thingy in the middle? That looks pretty cool! But I digress... ;) Back to the ich.

    Once the tank is exposed, you have to treat all the fish. Good job with the half dose on the meds. There are instructions here on FishLore to treat ich.

    Keep us posted. Good luck!
  9. TXMattNew MemberMember

    That fish in the middle is awesome. Inside it's mouth is my Pleco's favorite spot.

    As far as the Ich goes, everyone has gotten the treatment, even the scaleless. I'm still a little bit worried about them though. But like I said, if the Black Molly that is the only one showing the symptoms doesn't look better when I get home in about 30 minutes, I'm going to move her to a smaller tank and treat her by herself.
  10. TXMattNew MemberMember

    Just got home and ich is still present, but the Molly looks better. And to my surprise, the Pictus cat and the plecostamus seem fine. However, for some reason I lost a guppy. And none of my shrimp are to be found. There are a lot of places they could be hiding though. My water is also still very cloudy. We have really hard water where I live with quite a bit of calcium. It seems that our tap water has gotten worse over the last couple of weeks. I tested the water and I have no chlorine, ph of about 7.8, 40 ppm nitrate, nitrite is at less than .5 ppm, chlorine at 0 ppm.
  11. AvaValued MemberMember

    Hi! Welcome to FishLore.
  12. hoboValued MemberMember

  13. TXMattNew MemberMember

    After doing some reading, I think I know what I did wrong. Before I did the ich treatment, I vacuumed the rocks and did a 25% water change. I didn't mention earlier that I got a new filter because the filter that came with the tank never worked. Yes, for the past few months I hadn't had a filter in my tank and all seemed to be fine. No chlorine, no ammonia, clear water, happy fish. Well when I cleaned the rocks and walls, I may have compromised the nitrogen cycle. I did treat the tap water before refilling the tank, then I added the filter, and now everything is messed up. I am going to repost this in another thread for more help.
  14. Rejectedbread87Valued MemberMember

    Hello and welcome!
  15. KaiValued MemberMember

    Hello and welcome! I hope your fish get better. That fish ornament is very cool. ^^
  16. Makena95'GTWell Known MemberMember

    Welcome! I'm also in central TX! The capital city to be more exact!
  17. MotherMajesty:)Valued MemberMember

    A lot of meds will kill invertebrates like shrimp & snails. Check the packaging for a warning - or it should say that it's not harmful. If you have carbon in your filter, you need to remove it before starting medication. The carbon will filter out the meds. If there is carbon in your filter, you need to re-dose after you remove it - but at only 1/2 dose as you'd done originally.
  18. TXMattNew MemberMember

    Well, I am super bummed that my Pictus cat didn't make it through the ich treatment. All other fish, including ghost shrimp are alright, but ich is still present on the black Molly, and my male black Molly seems to have gotten it over night. Water has cleared up, ph is normal, nitrates are a little lower, chlorine is absent and nitrites are acceptable. Fish seem to be thriving, and I'm getting a heater tomorrow to try and rid the ich by raising the water temp (slowly of course) over the next few days. I added biological supplement to the water as soon as I realized what I had done and when I got home from work tonight, the water had cleared up and the ammonia level dropped. I feel good that I was able to stabilize conditions, but now I worry that I may have come down with an addiction and my wife isn't happy about that. I got a bonus at work today, and I'm hitting the fish shop tomorrow.
  19. TXMattNew MemberMember

    And here is the close up as requested, with my plecostamus chillin' right at the mouth.

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  20. Rejectedbread87Valued MemberMember

    Welcome! Sorry about the Pictus though, I hope your other fish get better.

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