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Hello forum!
Just dropping by to give the obligatory introduction. Rally is my given handle, though the full is Rallywagon. Mostly on account of my love of rally racing and for wagons. I was into aquariums back in the mid 2000s and raised a fair bit of guppies, mollies, some cichlids, and a bunch of the other PetSmart stock, across the gambit of ten to 55 gallon tanks. I certainly learned a lot and was able to keep fish alive through their life span and could not stop the Mollies from breeding. Worse then rabbits those are.
Well, come 2010 I moved and sold my tanks and stock to a friend. I knew I would get back into aquariums as some point. But a 2500 mile drive and a new uncertain life wasn't really conducive to good fish keeping. A decade on and life has settle enough, quite a lot actually, and I am back in a place where I can return to the "hobby".
I am in possession of a nice 75 gallon that I just resealed. Ill be doing a fill test Sunday. After that I'll be setting it up and cycling it. I have a smaller 20 gallon that I'll probably use as my quarantine tank. If not then it will be placed up in my game room and I'll pick up a storage tub....
Anyway, I do have some knowledge and know how. But a lot has changed in the decade I have been gone. There seems to be a lot more variety of Cichlids and some of the tech has improved (though, a lot hasn't either).I live in a rural area with well water that is pretty perfect. KHd around is around 13, GHd is around 10 and pH is about 6.5.
Now the hard part.... deciding exactly what fish I want (I have questions!). And trying not to spend the savings account on more....
See ya around the forum!


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:emoji_handshake: "Welcome" to the Community and back to keeping 'Wet Pets". Starting out again, the possibilities, post a thread of your build. About to start a "New" journey myself, with African cichlids.

Good Luck!

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