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    Hello fishlore, I know close to nothing about fish but was interested and my friends kept talking about fish and their tanks and such. I was encouraged to join and so I'm going to lurk a lot and hopefully learn a lot. I have interest in having my own fish tank in the future but for now I'm just going to be enlightened by you guys and other sources. I hope my stay here is pleasant. Thank you for having me.

  2. firesflightt Well Known Member Member

    welcome! :)
  3. fyn New Member Member

    hi, welcome to fishlore!


    ^^ this link shows how to set up a tank, and can show you fish terminology and tips. that should help you with the basics of understanding your friends.


    ^^ again, terminology


    ^^ this is a guide to get started as well

    More detailed tips depend on what exactly your friends talk about, tank type, fish, etc.
  4. Gypsy13 Fishlore VIP Member

    Hello! Welcome to fishlore! We’re very glad to have you. We can learn from each other I’m sure! Do your research and if you find something new, pass it along. :)