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Hello all

I've been slowly planning my first real freshwater tank and I thought I'd jump on here and say hello since I'm already spending hours reading the forums. I live on the Front Range in Colorado and this will be my first time keeping fish since I was a pretty young kid. I don't have any grand plans, but I'm hoping to setup a low-tech planted community in an older 26 gallon tank. I'm taking my time to do research, gather equipment, and make sure I'm starting on the right foot, so it's definitely a slow process. Slow, but fun. I'll probably jump into the Freshwater Aquarium Builds or Freshwater Beginners threads, too, but I figured I'd say hello and introduce myself first.

Happy fish keeping!

Cherie G

Welcome! Sounds like you have a great game plan, very smart to take your time. There is a wealth of information and knowledgeable people here who have helped me a ton. Best of luck to you and happy building!



Five 97

Welcome to Fishlore! Colorado is a lovely place.

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