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Hi internet! I'm new to this website (and the fish-keeping hobby, besides a couple as a small child) and I figured I should introduce myself and my finned son.


Reggie (or Reginald when he's being naughty) is my male crowntail betta who has ruled over his 10 gallon planted kingdom for a little over a month or so now. He's been such a(n expensive) pleasure and a great gateway into the betta hobby. He has endured a fish-in cycle, as well, since I wasn't very informed on bettas when I got him. But, believe me, I have done such extensive research, and I am proud to say that I have a happy betta boy now.


His tank is an Aqua Culture 10 gallon kit and isn't heated, but my house stays at a consistent 76F, and so does his water. I have a part of a water bottle on the filter to reduce water flow, because he'd get knocked around by it constantly before I did a little redneck engineering. The substrate is just plain natural-colored gravel, with some black river rocks as a pathway and a hide that I can't remember the name of, but I'm sure you've seen it before. It's white with black flecks and has a rough texture. There is a betta leaf on the top right corner, but it's a DIY one i made, because I find it to be much prettier than the brand name ones. I'm going to remove it once my plants grow.

As for live plants, I just added them in a week ago from Pet Supermarket (If you haven't been there before, GO NOW! Both of my plants were $2!) and they have really taken off. This picture is from about a day after I put them in. The wisteria had already grown an inch (it almost touches the water's surface now, and the amazon sword has 3 new leaves!). The sword had a lot of dying leaves when I got it, which you can kind of see in the picture. Since then, I've taken off all of the dying leaves and it's looking a little bare with only 5 or 6 leaves left. They're all healthy ones, though, so I know it'll look better in the long run. Plus it will stimulate new leaf growth, which is what I want.

As for all of the chemical-y stuff, I use prime to condition my water and test it with API strips. I just got some flourish excel today and put some in the tank after my water change for my plants, and I have root tabs for my sword coming in the mail. They're the ones LifeWithPets sells, I believe called VitalTabs. Supposedly they're good:emoji_thinking:.

Reggie's feeding schedule goes like this:

Sunday: Fasting day, 1/8 of a pea AM
Monday: 2 soaked betta pellets AM/PM
Tuesday: tiny pinch of freeze dried blood worms AM/PM
Wednesday & Thursday: 2 soaked betta pellets AM/PM
Friday: tiny pinch of freeze dried blood worms AM/PM
Saturday: 2 soaked betta pellets AM/PM

If you have any suggestions as to what I should be doing different, do please let me know! I love my boy and I'd hate to be doing something wrong to him. :emoji_heart:
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