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  1. DixieFish New Member Member

    Hi y'all! Glad to be here! This is the first fish forum I've ever joined. I decided to join this one because every time I needed to do research I found answers here.

    A bit of my background: So I owned/kept fish or tanks for about 12 years starting with a couple of common goldfish in a 2 gal. bowl, which QUICKLY changed to bettas, progressed to a ten gallon tropical community tank that successfully housed danios, neon tetras, a couple feeder guppies, and one amazingly hardy common pleco who survived three tank wipe-outs and made it to 11" before I accidentally killed him with expired de-chlorinator (devastated me!). But before that happened, I had converted that tank into a betta sorority tank when my experiment with breeding and raising bettas actually worked. I bred bettas for two years (mostly blue veil-tails and red doubles). I was working on increasingly fry survival rate when that last wipe-out claimed my entire sorority. After that I put the tank away to explore other pursuits...

    Well, now here it is almost twenty years afterwards and within the last month, we bought two ten gallon tanks (one not set up yet and the other almost done cycling), four guppies and about 6 small ramshorn snails, and all sorts of aquatic plants. And they all GAVE BIRTH a week ago! So now I have over 60 fry, four adults and I lost count of the snails ages ago. I had to rig up two 5 gal buckets to support them all until they are large enough to sell/trade.

    I am currently having some major issues with ick on my fry, but I will address that in the appropriate thread.

    Oh, and you guys are going to get a kick out of this: despite all those years of previously owning a tank and raising bettas... I didn't know squat about cycling, water chemistry, the nitrogen cycle, or live aquatic plants!! Never once tested my water, either, I just kept trying out different fish until I found the species that thrived for me. (Tried to raise annual killies, too, but could not get them to breed, but there was little info on them back then.) I am surprised I wasn't constantly killing my fish.

    So even though I had kept fish for years, getting back in I feel a lot like a total newbie. I'm actually excited about it. Aquatic plants are so much fun and as a kid I thought they were an "advanced aquarist only" thing! Lol!

    So for now I'm raising guppies (pure blonde and yellow tuxedo fancy), blue ramshorn, golden bladder, and one assassin snail that refuses to eat anything but cooked chicken and (I think) detritus worms.

    I would love to get back into breeding bettas and eventually bristle nose plecos. My husband is realy into cool-water plants and wants to keep swordtails.

    Okay, enough about me, who are you... and what's in your tank?

  2. Crazycoryfishlady Well Known Member Member

    I'm the crazycoryfishlady! I used to keep fish when I was younger helping my parents.
    They had bettas, neons, plecos, ponds, larger tetras and barbs, and other types of large catfish as well, and so much more...
    I was sort of a big help, but was never allowed a tank of my own.
    Then about a year ago I started to fall in love with cories.
    My local walmart had some, and once I found out they were mini catfish I was hooked.
    I love them to death! Then we found loaches and more and more and more...
    I tried some fish and accidentally killed a few...
    Some not all totally my fault, just happened to be too sensitive for the changes to my water I suppose.
    Some my fault for not thinking about quarantining since they mostly came from the same store... So then I lost half of them.
    And now I've got 8 stable tanks, not including terrestrial tanks and buckets/tubs.
    I recently purchased a semi large quantity of wild plecos from oregon when I went on vacation.
    They're absolutely beautiful, and such a joy to watch.
    I currently keep livebearers, catfish, loaches and bettas.
    Mollies, platies, guppies.. 3 species of loach, 2 kinds of cories, what 5 bettas? And I think 5 types of plecos?
    Was looking into apistos but decided against them.
    Semi disappointed I made that choice.
    Hoping to get more batik loaches to get a really nice possibly breeding school going.
    So beautiful...
    Loving these flashy patterned fish.
    And going crazy over mts! (Multiple tank syndrome)

  3. Emp1996 Valued Member Member

    Welcome !:) I'm newish here to , I used to have a betta when I was in my teens. I kept it in a glad vase , back then we never were told or knew about (Cycling) . He actually lived for 4 years , we got him free with the vase at a wedding we went to. About 14 years later , I had gotten another betta, still did the vase thing till I was thought. Got him from a friend who had him for 3 years , but was moving across country , and didn't want to risk killing him during traveling. I eventually got him a 5 gallon , then a 10 gallon. I had snails , but was really not the biggest fan of snails , so once they passed away I was done lol. But he recently passed this year (My betta) , he looked amazing , color was still good. Just think it was old age (Hopefully) . I ended up with 3 guppies , 5 neon tetras , and a danio . My danio was a bully so he went back , 2 guppies ended up being males (My mistake ) , so momma got pregnant (Shockingly;) well, my friend took my males , during that time I lost 4 neon tetras(I didn't know much about acclimating ) so I'm thinking that was the cause , because they died within 2 days. I still have one , I know they need at least 5 or more , but I honestly thought he was a goner but he still alive 2 months later. He has a new best friend he won't leave sides with (Rasboro). He's such a spunky little critter. Mommas babies are 4 weeks old now. I have a new male , he's with the babies . Momma is almost ready to pop again , she was never breed again. I learned guppies hold back sperm , so she probably will have a 3rd maybe 4.

    This is my new tank to the right. Its cycling now. Gonna divide it and put male babies on one side females on other side.

    Other pic is my babies atm. About 30 , lost oNly 2 since they been born.

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  4. DixieFish New Member Member

    Awww! Those are some cute babies! The 80 babies my HUGE blonde female popped out are now 2, almost three weeks old. Out of those only three died (one by accident - didnt see he was in the net!). Ive had to cull maybe ten for bent spines and other major deformities and I had a huge ich problem which most survived just fine. They live with four types of snails at the moment (I love snails!!!!)

    I'm debating on my next fish species to add when the babies are old enough to become pets. Either it'll be a pair of blue eyed lemon bristle nose Plecos or a school of pygmy coreys....

    And my husband is working on a ten gallon "cold water" tank mostly for his lace plants and marimo. I'm currently raising blue ramshorns in there and hes looking to add some white cloud minnows when it gets thru cycling.

    Lets see if I have pics on this device of our tanks... Aha! So the tank with white sand is the hubby's (with my big blue on the marimo ball) and the other is mine tho I'm not sure you can see all the fry as theyre only a week old in that pic and they blend in with the sand.

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  5. Emp1996 Valued Member Member

    So what's your ideal of bottom placement , like rocks , sand , etc. Is the sand pretty easy to clean /vacuum compared to stone/rocks. I have typical blue stone you can get at Wal-Mart , then I have the baby tank bottomless , same with the 30 gallon. But the 30 gallon I'm just debating on what to put in their
  6. DixieFish New Member Member

    Honestly, this is the first time I've used sand instead of gravel. I had both in the tank for awhile, but vacuuming just mixed it all up and ruined the scape I was going for. I then tried hot pink play sand from wally world, but the stuff was absolutely AWFUL! It was too fine an it compacted, making the tank stink from anerobic (no oxygen) conditions. Vacuuming sucked up more sand than waste, and it was a chore cleaning it out of the tank - got everywhere!

    The sand in there now is course play sand from a hardware store, well cleaned and boiled prior to adding to the tank. It looks good and it was an instant hit with my assassin snail who started hunting again after four weeks of refusing to eat anything but boiled chicken...

    The white sand is a finer sand from the fish store. It came in super clean and looks real cool, but it is a bit trickier to vac.

    See, I wanted sand because I want to put in fast growing rooted plants like vallisneria, and I was told they spread faster in sand. (And I want more Assassins, who are picky about their substrate, apparently.) You don't gravel vac a planted tank - the plants take care of it for you - you just skim the surface once in awhile to take out uneaten food or excess waste. Less water usage and all.

    I raised betta fry years ago in a bottomless tank because it was easier to monitor the fry and remove waste while removing as little water as possible. Guppies are far hardier than betta fry, however, and they love to explore and forage among sand and gravel (my poor snails really have to move if they want their meal cuz the guppies are really quick to get to it). So if you want sand in the tank, go for it.

    Plants, tho, really cut down on the cleaning (and lots and lots of snails, but not everybody loves them as much as I do, lol).

    Have you considered planting that 30 gal.? (Does it have fish?)
  7. Emp1996 Valued Member Member

    no it's going on a week of cycling now , it has a driftwood and a potted plant in it right now , always use those two for cycling. But I got that new tank syndrome , in my case was the white fungus , its going away right now. Buy until everything comes back all good , I'm dividing it up and putting male fry guppies on one side and females on the other side. For my 4 and a half week old babies. I defiantly want something that looks really nice besides Wal-Mart colored Stones. And some also easy as well for vacuuming , since I'm going to have 30+ pooping machines in there. Until I find homes for them , afterwards I'm getting a angel fish
  8. DixieFish New Member Member

    What kinda guppies are they going to be?

    I just did a light vac in my course sand and it's about the same as gravel I think. I loose a little of the finer stuff if I forget to pinch the hose, but it's no big deal.

    If you like the natural look, there is also pea gravel that's about the same size as aquarium gravel.

    Then there is haydite, which is essentially a jet-puffed ceramic clay compound that comes in sizes ranging from less than 1\8" up to 1\2". It is super light and super cheap if you know where to get it. I want to try this as a substrate someday as I live close to a manufacturing plant. It should be used cautiously, however, because according to other aquarists who have used it, it absorbs hard chemicals and can dramatically reduce pH and hardness. I plan to test it in a fishless quarantine tank first.

    I hear there is a black pavement sand that looks cool and cleans up nicely. All of these materials and more are inexpensive and should be readily available. Try looking in the gardening section of Lowes or another hardware/garden/landscaping/greenhouse store for cool looking, low cost, low maintenance substrates. Just avoid anything that might leech or dissolve like limestone.
  9. Bubbles_and_Fins Well Known Member Member

    Hi there! I’m Bubbles, and my tank story started with when I won a goldfish at the local fair... go figure. I named him Bert and put him in a 5 gal with another Goldie and a common pleco. As you can guess, they all died. Then, I got two mollies and put them in the 5 gal. They all died.

    I decided to start over and get a 10 gal and a betta. His name is Reggie and he is still with me today. I learned about the cycle and all the proper things bettas/all fish need and he loves his heavily planted home along with his mystery snail and ghost shrimp room mates! My mystery snail has babies, so now I have a little less than 100 little babies the size of peas.

    Then my brother got my aunt’s 20 gallon tall, and he has two serpaes and five zebra danios as well as 6 of my mystery snail babies and one ghost shrimp. I help him take care of it.

    Now, we are setting up an old bath tub into a pond and will put some mystery snail babies as well as one or two fancy goldfish in it. I’m very excited!!

    Here is Reggie and my 10 gal...

    Click on images to see them clearly!
    B7480E5F-C6A7-4BA0-91E0-F02EF39F153D.jpeg A3F1EA29-420A-4D4F-A81F-610F7F3DA992.jpeg E6614071-4F50-4157-8156-66E88DEC622F.jpeg DD994E95-C28F-4779-8068-06848C372747.jpeg
  10. Emp1996 Valued Member Member

    They for now they look to be just fancy guppies , momma is Fancy , the two potential daddies are dumbo and endler. Defiantly no endler, but dumbo I'm thinking I seen 2 that had pretty large fins compared to the rest. So far coloring is black/silverish grey. Yellow/black and grey , and I have one getting orange , and my favorite and only one which has a black squiggly line down its tail fin, with one black spot on each side , and once side is orange , the other side is yellow. Few that that don't have much color besides grey , but I'm seeing a hint of blue. So hoping it turns blue . Daddy dumbo was white , blue , orange and hint of black. Momma is black , grey and orange , endler was yellow and black

    I'm going to check that out , I want a natural look for sure , something not to messy , I'm just tired of looking at Wal-Mart blue stone. Just looks so , blah ya know lol. Always liked the sand look
  11. Elkwatcher Valued Member Member

    Haha.. this is funny up until today I thought there were 2 of you.. "Crazycoryfishlad and Crazycoryfishlady" that y ecsaped me on your avatar! Think I need new glasses and perhaps a brain lol! Welcome DixieFish this is one of the best forums I've come across, the members are experienced and very helpful. :)
  12. DixieFish New Member Member

    Thanks! I think so, too! :emoji_fish:
  13. NC122606 Well Known Member Member

    Hi there! I am still cycling but I am sure it is over because the ammonia is like impossible to read!!! So I have a 29 gallon with 3 Dalmatian Mollies and they have been doing great for over a week EXCEPT EATING ALL MY BANANA PLANT LILY PADS!!! Honestly, I got into this when I walked into a Petsmart and wanted a frog, so I went home and researched and found out it there was no way I could pay for that for like 10 years! I then go on to look at saltwater fish and the first fish I look up is a Mandrian Fish which I loved but found out it was hard and then went on to look at Clownfish, Octopus, Lionfish, Pufferfish, Chromis, Tang, Damsels, Shrimp and so many more. I decided to switch to freshwater because of cost and started my first stocking... My first stock for a 55 gallon (I later switched to a 29 buying it.) a Common Pleco, Discus, Eels and so much more not good choices... I later began to actually research some fish and settled to stock around an Angelfish my first choices are still with me today which is Panda cories and a BN Pleco. But, I wanted that one more pop out and fell in love with the Keyhole Cichlids and they have never left my stock list since then. I later switched the Angelfish for a Moonlight Gourami which was still too big, an ABF, then settling on a Pearl Gourami stock! I then got all my stuff for a 29 gallon and started cycling on April 12th, 2019 and is finishing now which made me so mad some days, it has been a long one but my stock may have taken the longest to get the best possible tankmates for each other and have a good tank. Also, I do not prefer little schooling fish I am just no into them like everyone else so I skipped that, but from day 1 I wanted some kind of catfish first going with a Bumblebee catfish than to Panda Cories! I cannot wait to see how my tank turns out and hopes it looks good! Also, WELCOME!
  14. wintermute Valued Member Member

    Welcome, I joined recently too, and similarly have been keeping fish for years, but the first 10 or more years knew nothing about the nitrogen cycle, or nitrates, or the space requirements of goldshish!!

    About four months ago my last goldfish passed on and I decided to research keeping tropical fish. Similarly this forum kept popping up! About two months ago when I was pretty sure the tank was cycled I got some plants and four dalmation molly's (one of them had fry last weekend) a bit later a few khuli loaches, then some espei rasbora's and the next (and final) addition, hopefully this weekend, will be some cardinal tetras.

    There is so much information available via forums like this, and the internet in general. I just had a couple of very small books on goldfish 23 years ago when I started with a couple of black moors that were an unexpected birthday gift.

  15. LynnwoodFishDad Valued Member Member

    Welcome! I’m new here as well and it has been super helpful so far. Hope it helps you!