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    We just wanted to say hello! And thank you for such a good forum! The columns, advice and other tools are helping me to correct my "newbie" mistakes! *LOL*

    Thanks again,

    Michael and Judi

  2. Shawnie

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    Welcome to fishlore Michael and Judi!!!

    We all spend daily correcting ourselves..this site is amazing to learn from everyday:) hope to learn from you all as well
  3. OP

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    Thank you for the welcome Shawnie!

  4. Lucy

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    :) Welcome to FishLore!!

  5. iloveengl

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    :) Great to have you on the forum, Michael and Judi! :)
  6. Aquarist

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    Hello Mike and Judy! Welcome :sign0016::sign0016:to Fish Lore. Lots of good information and friendly people.
    Hope you enjoy the site!
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    Welcome to Fishlore! We're glad you're here.
  8. ShadowbeamValued MemberMember

    Woot, welcome to fishlore! And welcome to a fantastic community :)
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    Welcome to FL, you'll have a good time here.
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    We have members of all ages and experience levels from all over the world, come on in and be welcome :)
    Even us old hands learn new things here :)
  11. lorabellWell Known MemberMember

    Welcome Michael and Judy!!!!! Jump right on in..the water is great in here....its the best place to be!!!!!!!
  12. Welcome.......:sign0016:
  13. OP

    theshiftys_jmValued MemberMember

    Wow!!! Thank you everyone!
  14. OP

    theshiftys_jmValued MemberMember

    If I can get my vista piece 'O' crap to work correctly and actually connect to the net... I'll upload some photo's of my tanks.

    My Betta, Admiral started this whole journey. It's been a trying one in every aspect, but we don't give up, and I do this mostly for my wife.

    We're full time RV'ers. Our "Home" Is a very big and spacious 2007 37' fifth wheel travel trailer. 4 slide outs, myself, my beautiful wife and hero of mine, two dogs, and a bengal cat. Yes, we have horses too, they are up the road at my inlaws. *L*

    Jan of 2009, we lived in Delta, Colorado. I worked for Halliburton as an Electronics Tech, my Mrs. works for Wal-Mart. She was the merchandise supervisor for the pets and other departments for the store in Delta. Kudos to her for reading on the net and studying about the different fish and the care they needed. Her losses were extremely low compared to the other wal-marts, and she had the knowlege base to back herself up when answering customer questions.

    Admiral, chose my Mrs. to come home with. He is, and will always be our first fishy-kid. He was followed by Captain, Commander, Lieutenant, and Ivan. *LOL* Yes.... I was a Submariner in the U.S. Navy for 10 years. 1986-1996... Hence the names.

    Three 1.5 gallon tanks, (filtered and heated) and one 3.5 gallon tank later, it was May. The economy crashed, layoffs galore, and even though I hadn't been laid off yet from Halliburton, I saw the writing on the wall. So we hoisted in the slides, hooked up the truck, stowed the fishy-kids and tanks for sea and moved back to Colorado Springs, Colorado. I was immediately hired back by my old employer, DirecTV.

    Shortly after our move here, a 14 gallon tank appeared, and it became a stuffed community tank. Yes, stuffed. Now.... Usually I do quite a bit of research on things before I dive into them. I... Don't have a clue as to where my head was when this started.... But I started my research AFTER... *LOL* So, weekly water changes and full tank cleans on the small tanks, led to another 14 gallon appearing, followed by a 15 gallon....

    July of 2009 my Wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. Full mastectomy on the right side, followed by chemo... (Her LAST chemo treatment was today!!!!!! *Dancing the jig*) She has had cancer before, and in 1998 it almost took her life. That time is was colon cancer. So.... Needless to say we're hoping and praying heavily to the Old Man that this is the last. The chemo is... Kicking her tail HARD... She loves watching the fishy-kids as they relax her. So... I put myself on a mission. No matter where she looks in this RV, she has a tank of fish to see.... We had taken out the free standing dinette, table, chairs, etc.... As we never used it... Space number 1 for a 55 Gallon tank. Her neice needed a sofa... We took out our sofa sleeper, (we use the lazyboy chairs... *LOL*) space #2 for a 55 gallon. I called the manufacturer of the RV... Cool thing about buying a high end RV, they are over-engineered and wayyyy overbuilt. Engineer says: "Heck, you put put a 150 gallon tank in that slide if you can get it to fit, just fine!"

    ......"Right on!" Well Mrs. would only do a 55. Traded my PSP for that one, traded a home theatre reciever that I got as a tip from a customer, for the other one. Story on that later...

    So.... Tanks everywhere you look.... "Arizona room..." AKA living room. 2 1.5 gals, 1 5 gal, 1 30 gal, 1 55 gal. All very tastefully placed, out of the way, yet standing proudly, and tastefully located so as to keep the room large. I did it, it works. Don't ask me how.. *LOL*

    Kitchen-- 55 in dining room slide out.

    Bedroom 15 gallon

    So my beloved Wife and Hero... Has fish wherever she looks.

    I also have a biocube 29, but...... I'm selling it as it just doesn't really fit anywhere... I even upgraded the pump and re-lamped it... Live and learn. I'm selling it for 250..

    Ok, onwards and upwards... History continued.... (For those of you who aren't bored out of your skulls yet... *LOL*)

    Advertised my Sony PSP for trade for 55 gallon tank w/stand, on Craigslist......

    First day got an email. Peeps not to far from RV park wanted to trade. Came with hoods, stand, undergravel filter, and ornaments as well as other various stuff....

    Picked it up, put it in dining room slide out. Left alone for a while....

    Same day, another email----- 55 w/stand, HOB filter, 2 heaters, fish, beautiful stand... Did I mention the beautiful stand????

    Replied that I didn't have PSP anymore but had home theatre reciever... (The one that I got as a tip??? Free, inofitself...) So I emailed back about that.

    Reply was ok we'll trade... Picked up tank. 2 very large ordinary pleco's. A LARGE BY HUGE angelfish, various lil fishies, etc.... Plus one lil fire tetra who has a swim bladder issue.....

    I couldn't put all the fish in the lone 5 gal bucket I had, so I put the large fish in it, drained all but four inches from the tank and hoped and prayed for the best....

    All but three lil tetra's made the trip home. HOWEVER!!!! The lil fire tetra with the swim bladder problem?? Yeah, he's still here, swimming, eating, just can't float... I named him "Tuffy!" That lil kid has so much heart!!!

    The folks I got this tank from hadn't cleaned it in about two months. Sludge, nasties, the water turned black when it got sloshed around. So... We set it up, and in good planning, like all GREAT Submariners! *LOL* I had water made and ready. So Judi and I started dumping water into tank. Yes, it was an emergency tank setup. All rules thrown right out the window, and yes, I can hear the gasps now! *LOL* Ok, maybe not..

    So, we got the tank setup, put the big fish in, and the next morning I tested the water...

    OMG..... Nitrates, Nitrites, waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy in the danger zone.... Son of a.....

    Hot footed it down to A&J aquatics to talk to my buddy Mel. She's awesome! She calmed me down from my panic, and we talked for.... Two? Three? Hours, and I was on another mission to save these fish.... I was going to combine the fish from my overstuffed 14 gallon to this 55... Now that was on hold until I got this tank under control.

    Thankfully in the next two weeks that followed, when my tank parameters came down to normal, I didn't lose a single fish... Unless you include the re-homing of two very large pleco's. I learned from Mel that when the ordinary pleco's get large, they get lazy... So I found them a good home and got a small albino bristlenose... He's non-stop Mister Clean!!!

    Combined tanks, and gave 14 and stand to Niece.... Along with Tigger--- Mister BAD attitude Gourami... He killed one of my killies and beat one of my platies nearly to death...

    Mel, from A&J suggested puting him in with my wife's Parrot Cichlids, who were also in with my peacocks... Ok ok ok.... It's a TEMPORARY setup.... Er... Was... More on that later.... Keep yer pants on!!! *LOL*

    I can see the eyerolls, and hear the "yeah rights," already... This is the Old Man's kind of Truth.... Tigger, aka Mister 'tude.' Terrorized BOTH the parrots, peacocks.... AND.... Mbuna's that I stuck him in with.... God's truth.... He did... Soooooooo, gave him to niece in nice 14 gallon, stating, he is to be the ONLY fishy kid in there. The only fish he backed down to was the large Angelfish in the 55... She's named Angel... Original innit? *L*

    Continuing.... Judi, my spousal unit didn't quite read up on her parrots... So here they come in their own mighty 14 gallon tank. It's cool... They were very young and small. So it worked for a while... I did the math, I did the guestimation, I did the inquiries amongst my... "Sources..." I put them in a 30 gallon. 3 of them... "CRY HAVOC!!!! AND LET LOOSE THE DOGS OF WAR!!!!"

    I know, I know, I know... 55, 75.... I do my water changes weekly on everything. It WILL work... They are hybrids, tank born and bred... Yes, their growth might be stunted some... It's all good... It'll work!

    HOWEVER!!!!! Neptune forgive me!!!! I have tried and tried to steer clear of undergravel filters... I really really have... No offense... It's just... They seem to be unforgiving... If something goes wrong.... Something REALLY goes wrong and quick... No warning, no nothing... *Breathe's deep....* So... I gave in... I bought a 30 with stand, undergravel filter.... But I am a Submariner.... *LOL* Therefore, I am armed.... In the form of a Penguin 150 biowheel, AND!!! An Aquaclear good for 50 gallons.....

    So, I buy this tank and stand and undergravel for 80.00

    I buy 2 Marineland 400?? Powerheads for said undergravel filter.... (Ready for the good stuff?????)

    Setup tank, filters, etc.... Start cycle.

    One day later I have Niecesssssss (pluralized) At my RV, ready to pick up their 14 and 15 gallon tanks.... Now.... I've been puting in a WHOLE lot of hours.... Taking care of animals and everything whilst Wife suffering through chemo... (no i'm not griping in the least) on top of working stupid hours as a stupid.... er... supervisor... *LOL*

    So... I get excited they want into the fish hobby.... Catch said fish, throw them into newly cycling 30, get rid of tanks.... ooooooooooooooooooooppppppppppppppppppsssssssssssssssssssssssss.......


    *Deep breath.....*

    Quick drive down to Colo Springs, to a place called "A Fishy Business..."

    Once again, hours spent calming me down.. *LOL* Added their specialized "Cycle stuff...."

    It was here I noticed the pics on the boxes of the power heads.... "Wow... They bubble???" I asked stupidly... "Uhhh.... Most of them do... What kind did you get?"

    "Marineland... The ones with the air tube that comes down..."


    That was that, out the door I went with my "cycle." Dumped it in to 30 with Parrot's and waited....

    Next day went to Tropical Treasures in Colo Springs... Nathan is the Cichlid GURU!!!! Asked him about non-bubbling power heads.... He knew the answer right away... Tube extenders... Now my powerheads bubble!!!!

    ...........................................Along with the nice milky cloud that runs through my tank.... With Parrots.... Eeessshhh... Back to Nathan...

    "Bacteria bloom since powerheads are working correctly.... 30% water changes every 3 days..."

    So I finally weaned myself from the test strips to an actual test kit. I was surprised to find that Nitrites are there, but minimum.... Cool! Water change done, and will test water here shortly..... *LOL*

    In the meantime, after adding cycle to my other 55 that I brought up for African Cichlids.... Aragonite sand, caves, etc.... I let that cycle for two weeks, tested water with the real kit and it's running awesome. I acclimated my peacocks and Mbuna, added a few more Mbuna, and the goal on that one is to have fish from each African lake... No worries. I have the secret to keep the aggression down! He He Heeeeeeeeee

    So that's my story. Hope I didn't bore you to death, but if you read any part of it..... I can't thank you enough!!!!

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  15. Tigerfishy

    TigerfishyWell Known MemberMember

    Wow! Welcome and from what I read, sounds like you're all sorted now, best of luck for everything coming from now and be sure to get us some pics hee hee :giggle:
  16. iloveengl

    iloveenglWell Known MemberMember

    :;rl You're a great story teller! I could definitely see myself in a few of those scenes. One tank, two tank, suddenly five tanks... *LoL* :rolleyes:

    I'm sorry your wife has been through so much with colon and breast cancer, and I'm really glad to hear today was her last chemo! Fishies can be so therapeutic for us when we're suffering through hard times. I'm glad she has them to watch and enjoy. :;hug2

    I can't wait to see the pictures that go along with your tale! ;D
  17. OP

    theshiftys_jmValued MemberMember

    Thank you very much for the kind words and compliments! And for taking the time to read my long-winded tale. *L*

    The chemo is really hitting her hard, so anything I can do to help her rest at ease. Besides, they last far longer than roses... *LOL*

    More bad news today from my side of the family, but i'm working on hour 23 of being up, fussing and worrying over the Mrs. that I don't want to think about that right now. Suffice it to say that, I'll be very glad when this year is over... *L*
  18. OP

    theshiftys_jmValued MemberMember

    P.S. I have a few pics up in the freshwater pics page titled: "Tanks n Tanks again."

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