Hello Everyone!


Hello everyone my name is Frank. I'm a beginner at this hobby but always have appreciated it. I currently have a 23 gallon bow in front aquarium. Its home to 1 Bala Shark (Bruce), 2 Rainbow Sharks, 1 Melanotaenia, and 1 Rubber-Lip Pleco. Now I this tank is too small for what I have inside it, but I am currently in the middle of setting up a 75 gallon aquarium. I also know that I shouldn't have 2 Rainbow Sharks in the same tank, I plan on moving 1 into the 75 gallon tank as well as the Bala Shark at least. I'm also currently looking in to making a 3D custom background for my 75 gall aquarium. I have learn a lot from this site and the community just by reading the forums and I plan on learning so much more. Thank you all for this great site and great community!!


Greetings and welcome to Fishlore

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