Hello, Everyone!


Hello everyone on a hot summer afternoon!

It's been an interesting mix of weather this year and due to the amount of time I have had to spend indoors, I have had some more time for my fish tanks. When it was cold this winter I was planning and now that it's summer I am using my plans to use. I have a 5 (betta), 10 (cold water) and 29 (tropical community) galllon tanks that I am reconfiguring and working on. Planting is a work in progress. I joined as I am looking around for tips, trick and new ideas from others in a forum that has a nice mix of fish, plants and everything else. Reading posts is informative, but I cannot ask questions, so I have joined. Here's to good discussions!


Welcome to FishLore!
I got 9 bettas, they are super cute and fun.
Cant wait to see you around.


Welcome to fishlore! I have 4 bettas (getting more lol) and I have a 29 gallon community tank.

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