Hello Everyone

  1. Arwen

    Arwen New Member Member

    Saying hi from Asia here, very keen in water chemistry - Hobbyist level. If there is anything that is related to filtration - I'm pretty much keen. As there are many members here of different levels, I do apologies if some of my opinions are orientated. Some tricks may work for me on conditions some may not for you. Do teach me what I'm missing out, as I'm always open to learn more. Cheers
  2. Dragones5150918

    Dragones5150918 Well Known Member Member

    Hi and Welcome! Your opinions will help out, especially in products and a better understanding of water quality. I hope to learn from you and understand the hobby from Asia.
  3. Nicki

    Nicki New Member Member

    Hi Arwen, nice to meet you. I've just joined recently after converting my coldwater tank to tropical, kept coldwater fish for 15 years but new to tropical!
  4. Ohio Mark

    Ohio Mark Well Known Member Member

    Welcome to Fishlore!
  5. OP

    Arwen New Member Member

    Hi Dragones5150918, thanks for the heads up. There is a lot more to learn from everyone here.

    Hi Nicki, nice to meet you too. 15 years is a very long time indeed. Tropical should be quite smooth transiting for you, let's enjoy
  6. FishL:))

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    Welcome to FishLore!! :)
  7. OP

    Arwen New Member Member

  8. Anders247

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    Welcome to fishlore!
  9. OP

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  10. MaddieTaylah

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    Welcome. :)
  11. OP

    Arwen New Member Member

    Hi Maddietaylah, I keep tropical fishes & happy to be here!
  12. AllieSten

    AllieSten Fishlore VIP Member

    Welcome @Arwen glad to have you. Water chemistries are always a hot topic around here.

    What sort of tank do you have?
  13. Thunder_o_b

    Thunder_o_b Fishlore VIP Member

    Greetings and welcome to the forum :)

    Your knowledge and experience are most welcome here at Fishlore. We look forward to your input.
  14. OP

    Arwen New Member Member

    Nice to be here AllieSten, I having a black tank, & you are right - water chemistry. It's very interesting for me

    Hi Thunder_o_b, thanks for welcoming. I'm here to learn as well as to share positive learning from everyone, awesome forum to be in yay