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    Hello everyone this is my first time joining a forum regarding a aquarium. I used to have small aquariums when I was growing up with goldfish so I had very hardy fish and fake plants. About 4 months ago I finally bought a house and the first thing I wanted to do is buy and set up a tank 55g freshwater aquarium. After setting up the tank and letting it cycle with live plants I went and bought by fish 3 Rosaline Sharks,5 Silver Mollie, 3 Blue Dwarf Guuramis, 1 Golden killie, 6 red tetras, 2 African Dwarf Frogs, and last but not least 1 Amazon Sail fin Pleco. to give a few examples of the plants I have are 2 types of Amazon swords, Dwarf lilies, and many more. The reason why I am joining this forum is because there is a lot of knowledge and experience that I can learn fromm the members in this community plus I always have questions :). Thanks and I hope to get to meet and establish friendships here. I will try and post some picks soon of my Aquarium!:;hi1
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    Welcome to the forum! Glad your here.:)
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    Welcome :)
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    Welcome to the forum and glad you decided to join us. How are all you new fish doing. Alison:;hi2
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    Welcome to the forum! Feel free to ask questions.
    Also post the the pictures of your aquarium.:;laughing
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    Thanks guys Still working on getting you guys some pics of my tank, but they should be up by this weekend .
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    Keen to see it
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    Welcome to fishlore!
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    IMG_0009.jpg IMG_0015.jpg IMG_0019.jpg IMG_0025.jpg IMG_0026.jpg IMG_0032.jpg IMG_0033.jpg IMG_0037.jpg IMG_0041.jpg IMG_0042.jpg

    Here are some pics I know they are terrible but I tried who would have thought taking pictures of Fish is super difficult :) Also the Beta in here his name is Vinny (Wife Named him! Awesome little guy.)

    I also forgot to mention for the type of fish I have
    I have one Golden Killie(This guy was the only one that didn't jump out of the Tank) and I also have two SAEs which I love to see clean the tank! I hope you guys like it.
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    Wonderful pictures !