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    My name is Crystal Vallejo of Lansing, MI. I had three Red Belly Piranha's that are about three years old. One of them had been sick and he died yesterday. But the other two I believe have Ick. I am going to the pet store today to get medicine for them. I came across this website yesterday while searching for sicknesses that affect fish. I'm glad I did.
    Look forward to talking to you all.
    Have a blessed day.
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    Welcome to FishLore Crystal!!!!
    Sorry your fish are sick :( Try raising the water temps up to around 82-84F for about fourteen days. leave the temps up a week after seeing the last ich spot.
    I'm going to move this to diseases so maybe you will get more feed back ;)
    Stop back in at the welcome forum and tell us about your tank. Size occupants and such.
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    Welcome to Fishlore! ;D