Hello Everyone, Where Are My Aquascapers At?


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Looking at getting into the planted tanks. Been keeping cichlids for a few years, but keep looking at planted tanks.

Looking to convert my 100 gallon tank. Been piecing together what I believe is needed. Currently have the CO2 regulator w/ solenoid, Fluval 3.0 plant, Fluval 406, heaters, pH pen. Just need direction on the substrate. Been reading everyone's opinions and thinking about going with a layer or tropica substrate then using either eco complete or similar to build up the substrate layer?(Already had a bag of ecocomplete given to me hence thinking of using it) Not sure if that will work hence why I'm here. Due to the bigger footprint of the tank i'm trying to stay somewhat economical. I could use the ADA amazonia but it would set me back more than I would like. As far as the CO2 just need to pick up the tank from my local welding shop already made arrangements.

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