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    Hello everyone. Just want to introduce myself and have an easy thread to link that will explain me, my tanks, and my situation.

    I just recently got into aquariums and fishkeeping. My wife and I had talked about it and had been looking for a good price on a used tank and stand. We ended up getting a used 46g bowfront with the stand, a filter, glass lid, and two LED panels.

    We went and picked out the other things we wanted: decor, air pump, heater, substrate, etc. I also bought the Quick Start from API. We set the tank up and the next day, I went to a LFS and got some pretty terrible advice. I was told that the Quick Start was all I needed (wrong, it's not a water conditioner) and that I should get 2 dozen common goldfish to cycle my tank. The person never mentioned fishless cycling at all. I took her advice and got myself into a pretty big mess. Later that night I was scouring the bottle of Quick Start to make sure it was a water conditioner, realized it wasn't, and went and got one immediately.

    Within four days I lost 7 of the 24 goldfish. During those four days, I educated myself on the nitrogen cycle, stocking capacities, and goldfish and realized how screwed my situation was. I started asking for advice on the Aquariums Subreddit and got a lot of brutal but honest advice, which made me really want to take charge of what was happening with my tank and so here I am.

    I'm in week 6 of my cycle, got an API master test kit, I'm in between my nitrite and nitrate spikes, doing 33% water changes every other day to keep the fish as comfortable as possible. I am proud to say that I haven't lost a single goldfish since the first four days. I know I will have to get rid of them all because they will get huge, but I have really enjoyed having them and I'll be finding someone with a pond to give them to as I'm not willing to let them become food.

    Since beginning the hobby 6 weeks ago, I've really educated myself a lot on anything and everything I can. I'm nowhere near an expert and I'm still learning new things every day, but I can proudly say I've been able to pass on some of the good advice and knowledge I've received to other beginners.

    I have acquired 7g, 10g, 20g high, and 20g long tanks (the 20g high was given to my father, who got hooked like me and went and bought a 55g) and I'm planning on doing awesome things with my other tanks. I want to do a carpeted shrimp tank with the 7g (dhg with marimo moss balls, driftwood) a Blue Ram tank with the 20L (with some cardinal tetra, heavily planted), and a quarantine tank with the 10g. I've also acquired 3 more filters (all over double rated compared to my tanks they'll be running on) and I have two Tetra Whisper EX45s running on my 46g.

    Anyways, I know this is a long post and I know I screwed up in the beginning by not doing enough of my own research before getting fish, but I feel I've done my absolute best since then and I've fallen in love with the hobby.

    Thank you for reading my post and I'm glad to be a part of this community.
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    Welcome! It's a great community here, I'm loving having just joined myself :)
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    Thanks! I'm really glad to be here. :)
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    Welcome :)
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    Thank you!
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    Welcome! :)
    Post any questions you have in the freshwater beginners forum.
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    Hi Richard, I'm new to the site too, I started keeping coldwater fish about 15 years ago and have just converted to tropical. It's the idiot that didn't give you the proper advice that screwed up! Good luck with your plans, sounds exciting
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    Welcome one, welcome all!:;bananahey

    And that's alot of goldfish.. you're gonna need someone with a huge pond xD. And be carefull to do your research before getting your new fish since your cycle is almost done <3.

    Fun fact: As we speak my pictus catfish is trying to eat rocks.
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    Welcome, sorry to hear about the bad experience at the pet store. Depending on where you go some of the employees know very little about fish keeping.
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    Welcome to fishlore!