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Discussion in 'Welcome to FishLore' started by Nobote, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. NoboteValued MemberMember

    Hi all.
    Not entirely new to the hobby. I had a 90 tall and some 20 gallon tanks in the past.- I mostly kept South American Ciclids then, Its been about 10 years since I have had anything other than a 5 gallon tank for a betta.

    I recently was given w nanotank set up as a gift so I set it up in my office/ laboratory. I set it up low tech with mostly plants for filtration...4 cherry and 4 ghost shrimp and 4 Endlers livebearers and an Inca snal for live stock,

    I lurked and read here when I was setting up the tank months ago, and returned with some questions- thanks for all the responses and thanks for all in the interesting threads. I have found some pretty concise and useful help here just by searching.
  2. AJEFishlore VIPMember

    Welcome to fish lore! What tank size is your Nano tank?
  3. Ohio MarkWell Known MemberMember

    Welcome aboard! :)
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  5. NoboteValued MemberMember

    4.6 gallons
  6. RainBettaWell Known MemberMember

    Cherry shrimp... got to love them!
  7. SwlwsValued MemberMember

    Welcome to Fishlore! I'm glad your office/lab got an upgrade, it will make all your work a lot easier :p