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  1. Amberwilliams New Member Member

    My name is Amber last month my Betta Poseidon passed away. I am now keeping Convicts, mollies, an eel, and a swamp dragon. No not all in one tank. Everyone is thriving and healthy though I’m fairly new to keeping more than one fish I enjoy just sitting and watching them.

  2. Thibault Drake Valued Member Member

    Hello there to you too!

  3. Gypsy13 Fishlore VIP Member

    Hello! Sound like something we need pics of. Please? Welcome to fishlore!

  4. JLeeM Well Known Member Member

    Hello! What exactly is a swamp dragon?
  5. Amberwilliams New Member Member

    Pictures to come.
  6. firesflightt Well Known Member Member

    welcome to fishlore!
  7. Amberwilliams New Member Member

    senegal bichir

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  8. Amberwilliams New Member Member

    Here are the Cichlids. Red Devil, black convicts, bumblebee. Also the Senegal Bichir also known as the swamp dragon.

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  9. Gypsy13 Fishlore VIP Member

    They sound beautiful! Thank you:)
  10. gorejusdesign Valued Member Member

    Welcome! Just sitting and watching them is so relaxing! Sorry to hear about your betta :(