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Heaters Broke? I’m Confused

  1. David894 Valued Member Member

    I’m a newbie, I don’t understand what’s happening with my heaters. The Top Fin one in the picture, the bottom is all white, did it explode? It seemed to be working ok then the dial for changing the temp broke and I noticed it was like this. So I took it out.

    But my other Aqueon 50w heater is in the tank now and it turned white on the bottom similar to the other one, did it explode too or? It seems to still be working which is weird? I’m so confused, what am I doing wrong

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  2. WHTL New Member Member

    Looks like it. Does it still get hot when you take it out of the water. Those are real cheap heaters. I would suggest buying high quality stuff.
  3. David894 Valued Member Member

    I didn’t notice it was hot when I took it out and yeah I bought a new heater, I hope it works :/
  4. Thunder_o_b Fishlore VIP Member

    I have had nothing but trouble with Aqueon.
  5. David894 Valued Member Member

    So the heaters exploded?
  6. Thunder_o_b Fishlore VIP Member

    No, just were a pain in the neck. I could not stabilize the temp so I trashed them.
  7. Ayden Jude Rose New Member Member

    mine looks like that and doesnt seem to heat at all. the red light turns on then i look at it later and its off again.
  8. Ayden Jude Rose New Member Member

    were looking at buying a new one regardless.
  9. David894 Valued Member Member

    I meant did my heaters explode? And that’s why they look like that?
  10. Thunder_o_b Fishlore VIP Member

    I have never seen that before. Sorry :(
  11. David894 Valued Member Member

    Oh ok, yeah I’m also confused about it, but thank you for your help
  12. David894 Valued Member Member

    Has anyone seen something similar with heaters? What is this?

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