Heater W/ Corrosion Making Constant Clicking Noise

Discussion in 'Heaters' started by Madison_Priemer, Apr 18, 2018.

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    I have recently been having a problem with my aqueon 100w heater. This is the second one I’ve gotten in the past month or so, I returned the other one because of the same problem thinking it was a fluke thing. Anyways, my heater has some kind of corrosion build up on it and I checked on my tank today to find that the sand was bumpy, something I’ve never experienced happen before, and a couple of my fish were dead. The temperature was the same it’s always been ~80F, so I’m thinking that there’s something going on involving electricity. I’m not any kind of expert on electrical appliances so I’m hoping one of you will be able to help, in the meantime I have hooked up another 50w reliable heater to keep the tank somewhat warm. I will attach pictures of the heater and the sand below.
    At first I thought that the bumps could’ve been from my Cory’s, but I threw out that idea because I’ve never seen them do something like that before upload_2018-4-18_14-45-49.jpegupload_2018-4-18_14-46-10.jpeg
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    Yeesh, that's quite a nasty heater. Was it positioned with the glass tube toward the sand at all? The heater glass can get quite hot, so I wonder if the sand may have actually fused the sand to it. I see what looks like half melted or cracked glass around the areas the corrosion is stuck to. Im thinking if you were keeping the heater to close to the sand, it may have fused to the glass, eventually cracked it and shorted the electronics inside. That's just my theory though. Sorry about your fish as well, heater failures are a bad way to lose fish.

    Edit: Alright, sand fuses at 3200 degrees, so looks like i need to brush up on some earth science, lol. Whatever that junk is on the heater though does seem to be the reason its failed, as there are definetly some compromised areas around it.
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    How big is the tank? Stock? Water parameters?

    It looks like accumulation on the outside of the glass so it's something in the tank, not the heater itself. Algae? I have 2 Aqueon 100w in a 10g and 20g long and have had no issues with either.

    No heater should (or could) get so hot to fuse sand. Sand melts at over 3000°F so you'd have other problems to deal with if that was the case.

    The clicking could be an unreliable power source. Are you using a power strip?
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    Honest to God, I had a 300 watt Aqueon that I purchased a few months ago that somehow water was getting into. A few of my fish for the past month have also had these white spores/dot things appear on them. I Couldn't figure out what was going on, still don't know exactly what I was dealing with. Anyway I took my heater out to do a thorough cleaning last week and I find this in my heater. (See pics) Mold spores. I don't know if my fish got sick from that or what but I sent Aqueon an email explaining very politely, sent with pictures about the heater and a powerhead I had trouble with. Well last night UPS shows up at my door and they sent me replacements for both. I was pleasantly surprised. They definitely have good customer service at least.
    I would definitely contact them,there's obviously something wrong with the heaters. If you Google it, you'll find plenty of people with similar issues. 8ae23c0a3e8b929acf171da193696910.jpg09294cbac08fdfc38f0fbee419018daf.jpg41430deab98c186a00fb6f2371a8225b.jpg
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    Where are your suction cups? I've had a glass heater clicking really loudly, and it was because a suction cup had slid down over the edge of the heating element. Sliding it around fixed it.

    Mine was an Aqueon, also, but a 5o Watt one. I was told by their customer service to make sure the suction cups were over the label part (even though it shipped with one at the bottom also).
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  6. edevingo

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    Sorry for the late reply. Mine where above the heating element. I didn't have any clicking noises but somehow water got into the heater.
    I always have better luck with email than the telephone. They never asked me a thing,just my address. That's one thing that drives me crazy,it always depends on who answers the phone.
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    Usually I long for a bigger tank than my ten gallon. One of the things that makes me feel okay is when I see how gigantic a 300 watt heater is. :) For my problem I used email, also. If nothing else, it's good to have a written record of the transaction.