Heater Sticker Causing Stress?


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Yeahhhhh, but any fish swimming in it's own ammonia and waste, is kinda gross and unhealthy. Aye, sponge filters are the best! : ) Petco has really good, cheap deals on kits and tanks, that can easily accommodate bettas. I actually have a baby male in a 5 gallon tank. The tank was only $5! HOB (Stands for: "Hang on the back of the tank") Filter was about $10. Gravel was about $5 as well. Plastic plant (instead of a reflective, shiny sticker for more ideal stimulation) was a cheap $2! Yeah they have specially designed mini-heaters as well.

Oops, I meant my gravel was $4.
I'm pretty sure the "sticker" is actually a heater, not meant for stimulation.

I would also point out that the cheap fake plants don't tend to be super good for bettas. They will oftentimes rip their fins and don't provide any hiding or resting places for them. If you want to stay cheap, I would advise looking around your closest Walmart or other large department store. I often find betta-worthy nick-nacks in the planting, candle, and bathroom sections. Make sure not to get anything painted, but I haven't had problems with glazes. Stay away from metal, as it can rust and leach unwanted chemicals into your water. Find something that will give your betta a nice, dark hiding place. If you look in the fish section, you will end up paying $15 + but if you find odds and ends around the store you can spend the same amount of money and get 5 or 6 hidey holes. Make sure you thoroughly clean anything you put in your tank, but NOT with soap. Salt works well to scrub things off.

Also make sure that anything you put in your tank doesn't have sharp edges. Many people use the pantyhose test (run the soft fabric over your tank accessories and if it rips, don't put that accessory in the tank) but I just feel everything for any sharp edges.


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While your fish are living decently long lives, it is stressful to live in conditions with fluxuating ammonia levels like that. A 20 gallon with one betta would be fine without a filter and with weekly water changes, but anything under a 5 gallon will become slightly toxic in under a week. Even ignoring the idea of ammonia, though, it's still a good idea to have a filter. You need water movement or else you will never get the whole tank to an even temperature. The area around the heater will be the right temperature but everywhere else will be colder.
I was always raised on the thought that Bettas didn't need a filter just Rapid water changes to prevent the ammonia from getting too high. My mom for someone who has Raised Discus and Anglefish and worked at a Salmon Hatchery should of known this. Mind you this was before i Rented the Lanehouse behind my parents house to give myself some independence. They are not impressed. i decided buy a 20 gallon fish tank after my last Betta Roscoe died a couple years ago. And just Came home today to find the 20 gallon with 7 Cherry Barbs, 3 Neons and 2 Cardinals Swapped into my 10 gallon i had as a quarantine tank
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