Heater - Should I Have Two? If So, Wattage?

  1. filtered_light

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    I'm kinda new and setting up a 28 gallon freshwater tropical tank. I've read that some people suggest using two lower watt heaters so that you A) have a back up if one stops heating and B ) so that if one fails and gets stuck on heating mode, it will have a hard time overheating the tank by itself.

    Has anyone done this? Results?

    If you recommend this dual heater setup, what size/wattage heaters would make sense for a 28 gallon?
  2. Cheesearmada

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  3. Feesh404

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    For an Aquarium your size, I use Eheim Jager, its 100w and my aquarium is 36g. I feel you should just get something between 100-200w and/or is suited for aquariums 20-40 US Gallons
  4. OP

    filtered_light Valued Member Member

    Hmm, so no one in favor of two heaters? I'm just paranoid about boiled fish... :-/
  5. MikeRad89

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    With two heaters you're not worried about "boiling" fish, you're keeping a spare in case on of them stops heating properly. I always have two.

    If your heater malfunctions in that it remains on and overrides the thermostat, there's not a whole lot you can do.
  6. OP

    filtered_light Valued Member Member

    Oh... I guess that makes sense. I had read somewhere that if you had a lower wattage heater then it would be harder for it to overheat the volume of water, but I suppose that would only be the case if the ambient temp was leeching heat... or maybe not at all.