Heater recommendations for a 38 gallon new tank 40 Gallon Tank

  1. 1hawaii50 Member Member

    I received a 38 gallon tank for Christmas, and I need to pick up the supplies to get it started. I'm wondering what would be a good heater for this tank. I found some Fluval "E" series that are pretty pricey, but the few reviews I've found seem to be decent. Fluval also makes an "M" series that is a bit cheaper. I'm just wondering if I can get some insight on what some good heaters/brands are, and what I should stay away from.
  2. Nutter Fishlore VIP Member

    I've heard that the Fluval heaters are all pretty good, though I can't speak from experience because I can't get them over here. I use Jager heaters & have never had any problem with them. Some of the ones I have are almost 10yrs old now & still work perfectly.

  3. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    Myself, and many others, are big fans of stealth heaters. I have them in almost every tank. They have a lifetime warranty, auto off when out of water, and are shatterproof. I would get a 150 W for your tank.
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    I've read aobut the stealths & all the reviews are positive. I'd love to be able to get a hold of a few of them but they are not sold in Aus as far as I know & I detest ordering stuff off the net. Had too many things arrive broken.

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    Sorry for the noob question, but is "stealth" the brand, or style?
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    to chime in, i definitely second the recommendation for the stealth heaters, they are the best! i'm also fairly certain that they have a lifetime guarantee
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    drsfostersmith.com have them on sale.
  10. 1hawaii50 Member Member

    OK, my tank falls under the parameters of the 150w heater...would it be better to step up to the 200w heater, or is the 150w big enough?

  11. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    Since the price difference is minimal, I'd go with the 200W. T?he 150 will work, but the 200 will work better IMO. By better I mean it will heat quicker which means it'll be running less. The worst thing you can do, as far as heaters go, is get one that's not powerful enough to handle your tank - the result is a heater that is always on, which will cost more in electricity as well as increase the risk of the heater malfunctioning.

    Stealths have a no questions asked lifetime warranty that can't be beat.
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    Thanks Jaysee, I'm going to order the 200w heater tomorrow.
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  15. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Good morning. I just switched from the Visi Therm Stealth heaters to the Marineland Stealth Pro's and love them! I have 3 in my 265g and they are very accurate within 1 degree. I think you've made a wise decision.
  16. ccb04 Well Known Member Member

    Good choice.

    Just like Ken ... I've also switched over to the Stealth Pro's.
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