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I was surprised today to see that the temperature in my tank does not match what I set on my temperature controller. The heater is in the sump and the temperature sensor is in the tank. The tank is 2 degrees cooler than What I have it set for?

Is this common for those of you that use this set up?


That should not be the case, if your temp probe is in the tank it should trigger your heaters on until it reads what you set the temp to... Do you have your heaters thermostat turned up high enough so that it is sure to come on when the temp controller sends it power?



Its not that uncommon, but something you should investigate. It sometimes happens if your not using those really expensive heaters (the settings sometimes don't match) or if the heater isn't large enough to handle warming all of that water. Since you have a 55 gallon with 25g sump, that's a total of 75g. Depending on the wattage of your heater, it just may not be hot enough to efficiently heat all that water moving through.
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Great replies, I have a 200w titanium heater. Both answers are valid except the heater indicator light is not on.

I remember a reviewer saying he liked the controller but had to "Kentucky windage" it to get the temp he wanted.

Food for thought...

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