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So this isn't exactly a fish tank, but this is probably the best group I know of to chime in on this scenario.

So I have a 20 gallon parts washer in my detached garage/workshop. I use water-based solvents (for now), namely PurplePower, which seems to start freezing between 10* and 20*F.

I have some kerosene heaters and a wood stove out there, but they aren't going if I am not working out there. This past winter we had a week or so of single digit to sub-zero temps. During this week a few things, including my bottle of car wash soap and the contents of the washer tank froze. My soap froze solid and cracked the bottle (that was fun when it thawed). The washer tank only froze at the top and sides, but it uses a side-mounted pump, and so the pump was damaged in the freeze. I am going to replace the pump with a sturdier one, but it is going to cost almost what the whole unit did, so I don't want to lose it to a freeze again next year. Since it mounts to the side of the basin just taking it out isn't a good option because that will leave a big hole below the water line.

My thought was to get a 200-300W fish tank heater with a thermostat, and set it as low as it will go. I am not going for heated solvent, just trying to keep it from freezing through the worst part of winter.

Any ideas, or recommendations for this? Amazon has a few cheap 200-300W units, going between $12 and $15, I was thinking of trying one of those.
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