Heater heating to 82 degrees on lowest setting


I have a 200W heater that came with my 29 gallon tank and even with the dial turned all the way to the right it’s keeping my tank around 82. I unplugged it for a couple of hours today with the lights on to make sure it wasn’t that and the temperature fell to about 79 before I plugged it back in. I can’t find anything online about this heater. Any ideas of what’s going on?


Seems like the built-in thermostat is probably way off. Unless it is one that requires calibration, i would probably get a new one. What size tank you using it in, anyway?


Get a new one or get a temperature controller that will turn it on and off, like the Inkbird.


200 watt is also way too big for a 29, if something goes wrong, its going to go wrong very quickly. a 75 watt heater is enough to heat a 29 gallon about 8-9 degrees above room temperature. Assuming your room is roughly 70 degrees that would work fine. Could get a 100watt to be safe, will heat your tank to 78-79 degrees even if the room is only 60 degrees.

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