1. Smalltownfishfriend

    Smalltownfishfriend Member Member

    So yesterday my favorite heifer started to calve... Her name is Pegasus!! I was really excited.. if it was a heifer calf her name was going to be Cinderella!! I kept a close eye on her and late afternoon I saw that there was tail sticking out instead of a head.. I gave her some assistance and delivered the calf... It was very premature.. only weighed probably 35 lbs and would have only came to my knees if it stood up!! It wasn't breathing.. I tried everything I could to get it to start up but I guess it was just too early.. the saddest part... Pegasus was so worried about it... She licked and licked and licked it... My husband wasn't home so I could not do anything about it as she was a bit aggressive.. I could here her crying to it.. she kept making these very worried mooing noises.. finally when my husband came home we went to chase her up to the barn.. she refused to leave her calf... So we carried the calf up to the barn and she followed it the whole way.. acting very excited because she thought it was finally moving and alive... Anyway it was just heartbreaking to see her so worried over her little tiny dead calf.. now she is very sick and seems to have given up the will to live... RIP Cinderella.. thanks for listening everyone..

  2. JoeCamaro

    JoeCamaro Well Known Member Member

    I am so sorry about your calf.
    It is heartbreaking.
    Animals are so amazing. I can only imagine Pegasus' suffering. :(

  3. OP

    Smalltownfishfriend Member Member

    Thanks!! Yea.. she's pretty upset.. I let her out in the meadow this morning and that seemed to cheer her up a little!!
  4. Fanatic

    Fanatic Fishlore VIP Member

    I am extremely heartbroken to hear this story! :(
    Sometimes things like this just happen, it's nature's course, and we cannot always control the way it goes.
    I bid you good luck in the future that maybe you can enjoy another calf.
  5. SecretiveFish

    SecretiveFish Well Known Member Member

    I am very sorry. Glad you were there for her and hope she recovers.
  6. HORNET1

    HORNET1 Member Member

    Such a heartbreaking loss...

    I'm praying for happier days ahead for you and your family.
  7. OP

    Smalltownfishfriend Member Member

    Thanks everyone for the kind words!! I know it's life.. but it's still disappointing!! We have several more spring calves due soon so hopefully all their births go better!!:)
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