Healthy Shell Growth Or....? Question

Discussion in 'Snails' started by Zai, Apr 21, 2019.

  1. ZaiValued MemberMember

    Had this giant ramshorn snail since April 7th (his name is George), and was wondering if this was healthy shell growth or if I need to add something to the water.
    First photo of him on the substrate is the day we bought him (April 7)
    Photo of him on the glass is from tonight (April 21) received_830256174001385.jpeg20190421_232020.jpg
  2. eustoma01Valued MemberMember

    Honestly I'm not sure but it looks ok to me. Generally if your water is soft you should be supplementing calcium for it somehow
  3. Michael.j.gomezValued MemberMember

    Hello, I & others on this forum use cuttlebone for birds(3$ at walmart). Simply place a piece the sz of a quarter in filter till it desolves then add another(adds calcium to water column). Hope this helps! 20190413_075754.jpg20190418_200339.jpg
  4. shannon767Valued MemberMember

    The new, smooth shell you see is good. Looks like there was less calcium for it previously. I always put cuttlebone in my filters because it helps significantly with their shells. Also, you can remove the algae from his shell using an old toothbrush or something soft like that.
  5. ZaiValued MemberMember

    Gotcha, thank you. I have no idea if the fish store did anything fur their shells or not lol.

    And I don't mind the algae on him so unless its dangerous, I'll probably just leave him be lol. I had no idea snails grew that much that fast, we've only had him 2 weeks xD
  6. shannon767Valued MemberMember

    Their growth is amazing, right? I am constantly amazed, myself. Lol