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  1. davidsmyname

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    I will posting videos, pics ,and threads on my new up coming tank! I plan DIY wet dry,and making my own overflow. Also I will be doing live plants (not sure which ones) and im exactly sure on what fish yet eitheir. when i figure out more ill update you. Comment if you have questions or stuff like that ill answer what i can. I hope you enjoy "otherwise I wasted my time and yours". well i guess thats it till the future. Thanks
  2. Lucy

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    Welcome to FishLore!
    We love pics so post away!
  3. Yeoy

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    If you.post the size of your tank and what sort (community,.cichlids, FW or SW etc) some people will have goos suggestions.
  4. OP

    davidsmynameNew MemberMember

    Its only 30 gallons

    30 inches long x 19 inches tall x 12 inches deep
  5. Donnerjay

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    Hey there and :sign0016:!

    Yep, fill in your profile now and you will have lots of good suggestions.
  6. Ziggi

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    OH THE SUSPENSE!!! I don't wanna wait! :p

    What kind of tank were you thinking? Saltwater? Freshwater? Heavily planted? or is it just blank slate? Right now the possibilities are endless! :D Cant wait!!!
  7. OP

    davidsmynameNew MemberMember

    yeoy its a fw tank and im not sure what type of fish kind or anything so i would love hear some ideas!

    well for sure it going to be fw and probibley heavily planted (still researching) im excited to! have any ideas ,you couldnt do or anything like that just say im open to trying new things!!
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