Head Down Neon Tetra?

Discussion in 'Characins' started by MaeKay, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. MaeKayValued MemberMember

    Is this neon tetra starting to get sick? It sometimes swims head down for a few moments[​IMG] but doesn't appear to have any other difficulties swimming.

    pH 8.0
    dKH 11
    Temp 75
  2. Ed204Well Known MemberMember

    Hi there,
    Did you recently get the fish?
    Is anyone attacking him?
  3. MaeKayValued MemberMember

    He was in a 10 gallon for quarantine for a few weeks after purchasing two neons and two hatchet fish. The only other animals in there were ghost, cherry, and amano shrimp. I feel like it has been doing this occasionally for a while. And then today I just moved them into the large 55 gal that had two mollies in it for maybe a half hour before I swapped the mollies and tetras. The 55 gal has exactly the same parameters (although different stock...danios and cherry barbs that are not nippy, false Julii cories, and some shrimp).
  4. MaeKayValued MemberMember

    Yeah, he's still swimming head down mostly. Hmm, should I put him in a breeder box?
  5. Cori ElizabethWell Known MemberMember

    Are there only 2 tetras in the tank?
  6. MaeKayValued MemberMember

    For now yes. The other 8 are down in another quarantine tank and I didn't want to overload the BB in the 55 gal by putting them in all at once. (I shouldn't have gotten all of them at once to begin with...) Do you think being just two neons for a few weeks was enough to stress it?
  7. Cori ElizabethWell Known MemberMember

    Yes i think so, the only time ive seen head down swimming is when goldfish were swimming in water that was too hot for them. so maybe something similar?
  8. MaeKayValued MemberMember

    These two were replacements for two that died within 24 hours of bringing them home (we even drip acclimated them). We originally bought 10, two died immediately, and I just wanted to get my money back since by this time I realized adding 10 fish at once was too much. But they gave me two new fish instead. And I had two toddlers crawling on me so I wasn't able to disagree.
  9. MaeKayValued MemberMember

    I suppose I could bring up a few more. All my tanks are sort of a mess right now. I'm doing a major reshuffling and trying to find homes for the 2 mollies and 5 zebra danios. So I didn't want to put more neon tetras into the 55 gal when I plan to do a water change and re-scape it tomorrow. I thought leaving the other 8 down in the basement QT tank would be less stressful. But I had to get the two in the 10 gal out today because I don't have time to change the water in 3 tanks in one day. Oy. I've made a mess.
  10. Cori ElizabethWell Known MemberMember

    not to worry :) youre fixing it now
  11. MaeKayValued MemberMember

    It's still alive and swimming normally today!

    I think I might swap the 8 neons for the 5 larger danios that I'm trying to rehome anyway. That shouldn't cause an ammonia spike in my 55 gallon and the 20g QT should be able to handle it. That way we also won't have 3 schools of mid to upper dwelling fish in one tank.