Having trouble finding Ghost Shrimp


I'm having a lot of trouble trying to find shrimp in my area. I also don't know what sites are good to buy shrimp from. I rather not spend an arm and a leg but I've been looking and waiting to buy shrimp for a while. Where do yall find your shrimp?


Hi Paul not living in louisiana I can't advise on where to buy but what I will say is if you're after ghost shrimp specifically look for someone who breeds them for the tank side and not as feeders, if you see an advert for feeder ghost the chances are their living conditions are poor and their state of health not good, these are feeders only and because of the way they are kept get a parasitic worm that kills them very quick, if your looking for any type of shrimp to start a colony start with red cherries these won't break the bank and you'll get more satisfaction, Google red cherries for sale, ebay, better still find a local breeder


I can’t seem to find shrimp either. All the ones I’ve found are either overpriced, unhealthy, or both.


I just shipped 75 or so of my cull neos yesterday, so my stock on them is pretty low, but I have nice reds or blues I'd be happy to send you. You can't send private messages yet, but you will be able to as soon as you have 50 posts. Send me a PM then if you're interested.


Have you checked out LiveAquaria? the only thing I've bought from them is shrimp food but they shipped it quickly.

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