Having trouble cycling tank


HI there. A while ago, I came on here and was asking for advice about cycling a new tank that I bought (6 gallon).

I went the fishless option, on the advice that I read on here. I have added ammonia to my tank, and have been doing water tests for around two weeks now. Ammonia is still high, up around 5, and has not lowered at all. I have not added any drops for some time now. The water seems to have been slightly cloudy in the last few days.

So far, I am yet to have any readings of nitrites or nitrates. This is after about two weeks of waiting after initially getting the ammonia level to around 5.

This is a bit frustrating. Does it ever take this long for the cycle to begin?

I'm starting to wonder whether or not I should have just taken the advice of other people I know who have put their fish straight in and been successful (there are five other people at my workplace who have done this - I'm sure they think what I am doing is pretty strange . . . ).


Sometimes it takes as long as six weeks to cycle a tank completely. Patience is the word of the day Your fish will thank you for going the fishless cycle route, even though your co-workers did put their fish in first I imagine their fish were a little uncomfortable(did they lose any?) for a good while as the Ammonia and Nitrites sorted out.
The cloudiness you are noticing is the beneficial bacteria building , this is called a bacteria bloom. sounds like you are well on your way(your cycle has begun). Keep testing and good luck.
So they think your strange.... Your not strange, your more humane


It took my tank 11 weeks to cycle just hang in there

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