Having success with this mix... any thoughts?

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    So I set up my 55 gallon for more space. I'm fully stocked with an interesting mix. One Salvini, one Convict, one Hero's Severum, one Meeki, one Featherfin cat, 5 Odessa Barbs, and 5 Tiger Barbs. The tank is moderately planted and has rocks, driftwood, and a terracotta pot. My convict has finally calmed down with the 10 target or dither barbs. I've read so many conflicting opinions about barbs with SA cichlids.... Any experience out there with a similar mix?
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    This is right before I added the barbs.

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    Got some good pictures today.

    Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! (For some reason I can't post pictures in the picture section of the forum)...