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    Hi Friends,
    I'm new in this hobby and facing lots of problem please help me...
    I'm from Calcutta, India...right now I've 2 aquariums measuring 2.5ft-1ft-1ft and 1.5ft-1.5ft-1ft..current temperature is around 15°C(59°F)...I've some questions...

    Q1. 3 of my green tiger barbs are losing their color, they are fading and also not much playful as they were..what would be the possible reasons???are they going to die..and what kind of fishes can be kept with my tigers...I've 5 green tigers and 6 5 band tiger barbs....since they are famous for fin nipping...i have lost some of my Guppies, Swordtail and Molliies (forced to separate them for this awkward behavior)..

    Q2. what kind of plants are suitable for my aquariums...I've two aquariums (1st one is 2.5ft-1ft-1ft for gold fishes and 2nd one is 1.5ft-1.5ft-1ft for tigers and other small fishes)..what are the possible care have to take for those plants...

    Q3. What kind of light should be installed in my aquarium since I'm going to keep some live plants..I already install a T4 submersible blue lamp..is it suitable for growing live plants????

    Q4. Is it really necessary to install heaters in winter time....what should the ideal temperature for the aquariums for gold fishes and for small fishes like tigers mollies etc...

    thanks in advance....

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    Your temp is too low, bring it up SLOWLY over course of 2 days to around 68 - 79 degrees F.
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    goldfish like it to be cooler, but not so much for barbs
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    Hi, welcome to Fishlore :;hi2

    First, if you could kindly complete your profile info, it will help others to help you.
    I notice you answered No to knowledge of the nitrogen cycle, this is the single most important aspect of fish keeping. (There's a link in my signature that explains the cycle)

    In answer to your questions:

    1 - it is likely that temperature may affect the colour of your fish, however, depending on the age of the tank, and if it is cycled, it may be stress as a result of ammonia/nitrite poisoning.

    2 - I have never kept plants with goldfish, but I do know that goldfish will nibble on plants, especially Elodea. Tiger barbs I'm not sure of either.

    3 - The lighting required depends on what sort of plants you wish to keep. There are high-light/high tech setups, all the way through to low-light/low-tech. Determine the plants you wish to keep, then choose appropriate lighting (IMO)

    4 - For tropical fish such as barbs, a heater is a necessity. Tropical fish need warmer waters, and depending on the species, it is anywhere from 22C to 26C. Goldfish are more temperate, and can handle lower temperatures, but this depends on the type of goldfish, as each has its own requirements.
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    Like everyone else said. Bring your temp up slowly in the barb tank. They're tropical and might get sick if they're too cold.

    Good ideas for plants would be java moss or java fern. They're both low light plants. And they're fast growing, good for beginners.

    I'm not sure about lights. I have a florasun light over my plants. Wait for someone else to talk about lights. Lol.

    As for your barbs. If you want different fish in there too you need fast moving fish. If its bigger than 20gal then you could probably put danios in there, they're quick and bright. Very pretty to watch. Watch out putting a pleco in there for algae because the barbs will tear at his topfin. If you need algae control id go with nerite snails
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    if you only have a 2.5 ft for the goldies I would think they would need a bigger home? that's 30 x 12 x 12 inchs or so that would be around 18G? But its your other tank that you have problems with could it be that your tanks are either over stocked or not fully cycled causing spikes in your water chemistry that could be affecting your fishies health/